Teaching English in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Sep 26, 2017 1:08:19 PM

Teaching English in Nicaragua with Weslingc Rojas

Teaching English in Nicaragua is a great way to plug in and become part of a new community. Weslingc Rojas had invited me to his English class at Citalapa Education Center because I was a native English speaker, and he wanted his students to learn to pronounce the words correctly. I told the class that I learned English on the west coast of the U.S., which uses different pronunciations than in other areas. We were going over undergarment words like braziers, shorts, and panties, but as I was looking at a whole classroom full of teenagers, I started thinking things were getting way too personal since both women and men were in the room! I was trying not to giggle, or blush and turn red. You just never know what you are going to be asked in an English class!

The class was wonderful though. We talked about many different words, had a question and answer session, and I was invited to come back again. Weslingc utilizes a curriculum, is very professional with his class, and they all have a bunch of fun.

Weslingc is an employee of Gran Pacifica at the front reservations desk. He has been teaching English for two years through a Canadian NGO called “Rio del Cambio" founded in 2010 out of Ontario. They built the Education Center three years ago where Weslingc teaches on Monday nights. This NGO supports Citalapa with a Farmers Cooperative, seeds, sewing machines, school supplies, and English classes. When Weslingc was asked what he likes best about teaching he responded, “I want to help them get a chance at a better job, and to inspire them to have a better lifestyle.” He understands that with tourism growing in Nicaragua, community members can earn more money, and will have more opportunities if they learn English. He has also seen a change in people’s desire to learn English. Many of the local communities do not have regular English classes because teachers would rather travel to Managua in order to receive better wages.


Weslingc has a pretty inspiring story himself. He worked hard and earned good grades while attending the Collegio Publico Tecnico (For Tourist and Hotel Administration) for three years in Villa El Carmen and Abraham Sequeira High School. He met Helio Alfaro there, http://www.granpacifica.com/blog/nicaraguas-best-teacher-helios-story, who was his English teacher. Weslingc did additional studies at the National Academy of English in Managua, while working at a Boutique Hotel, Casa del Sol. He is also in the midst of developing a furniture upholstery business.

Weslingc is faith-based and says “Jesus is my inspiration". The fulltime job at Gran Pacifica Resort and teaching in his community is inspirational. The hours can be very long, and his commute to the resort is at least an hour.

Gran Pacifica Resort knows the value of training for its employees, and has been offering English classes, customer service, training on managing money with a local bank, safety and health, first aid, and other various training.

We wish success to Weslingc and the community members of Citlapa.

For more information about Rio del Cambio, go to: http://riodelcambio.org/  or for more information about Gran Pacifica Resort Corporate Social Projects, go to:

http://www.granpacifica.com/blog  or email Holly@granpacifica.com

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