World Surfing Games Coming to Nicaragua

Posted by Mike Cobb on Apr 16, 2015 12:00:14 PM

Surfing in Nicaragua
With an exciting announcement, the International Surfing Association (ISA) has declared Popoyo, Nicaragua to be the host site of the World Surfing Games 2015, which are scheduled for May 31 - June 7. Surfing in Nicaragua's world-class reputation precedes it, and has led the ISA to choose Nicaragua as the host of the World Surfing Games three out of the last four years.

World Surfing Games To Bring Surfers From Countries Around the World

The World Surfing Games 2015 will host surfers from 32 countries and counting, whose representatives will compete against the best in the world in open and team competition. There are both women's and men's open categories, as well as the national team competition, whose participants will be vying for a gold medal.

Already one of the country's most popular tourist activities, surfing in Nicaragua has been benefiting year after year from the publicity and spectacle that that the World Surfing Games brings.

Not only is the championship a boon to the surfing tourism market in Nicaragua, but it also brings people from around the world to Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. This brings unprecedented business to many local restaurants and vendors, both benefiting family-run business and strengthening the surrounding tourism economy. Hundreds if not thousands of new visitors will now know both about Popoyo and the quality of surfing in Nicaragua in general.

Nicaragua Boasts Impressive Waves And Ideal Climate

Surfing in Nicaragua has long been famous among both amateur and professional surfers, and tales of Nicaragua's impressive waves and ideal climate have reached around the world. San Juan del Sur has long been nearly synonymous with surfing in Nicaragua, but as the country's popularity has grown, many other sites along the coast have gained international recognition.

One of the factors that makes the surf in Nicaragua so consistently impressive is the nearly constant offshore breeze generated by the country's two lakes: the massive Lake Nicaragua and the capital city's own Lake Managua. Offshore breezes push against the waves as they come to shore, standing them up and producing the impressive "barrels" that have become a thing of both surfer lexicon and legend.

ISA Provides Surfing Opportunities For Youth And Adults

With 96 member nations, a third of whom are currently scheduled to participate in the 2015 Games, one of ISA's primary goals is to provide surfing opportunities for youth and adults around the world.

ISA also fights negative stereotypes that are sometimes associated with surfing, particularly those involving illicit substances. ISA's competitions and members are proudly drug-free, which creates a positive environment for competitors, attendees, and those looking to try the sport for the first time.

Visit the ISA's website for more details and to learn about accommodation and food options in the Popoyo area. Looking to get involved? On their site you will also find registration details and information on all of ISA's programs, as well as their past events. Surfing in Nicaragua isn't just for professionals either; thousands of tourists and expats get on a board for the first time in Nicaragua, and many rave about the experience. In fact, some never leave.

Those who do return home to spread the word about the world-class surfing in Nicaragua, and this Central American country is quickly becoming the surfing capital of the world.

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Written by Mike Cobb

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