Where To Surf in Nicaragua

Posted by Mike Cobb on Jun 12, 2012 6:17:28 PM

Nicaragua's waves don't get as much attention as those in other Central American countries, but this is no reflection on their quality. Nicaragua boasts two very special assets that other surf destinations lack: 1) the steady offshore Papagayo wind in the southwest that creates nearly unchanging conditions all day, every day; and 2) the abundance of wildlife surfers can see passing by, such as dolphins, whales, and turtles. Below are a few beaches in three areas that are worth a visit.


Popoyo is not the easiest beach to get to, but some call it the best waves in the country. It's an hour from Rivas by bus, and it's a fairly popular place. Waves range from intermediate to advanced.

Colorado is also a bit difficult as far as access; the only public way in is by boat. It can get busy, but the waves are excellent, ranging from intermediate to advanced.


Pochomil is a popular weekend destination for Managuan tourists, but you won't find many other surfers there. The beach is fairly accessible, and waves are in the easy range.

Quisala is a great place to go if you're learning. It's very quiet, easy to get to, and the waves are steady and easy. There aren't a lot of intensive surf camps or lessons available in Nicaragua, but there are beautiful spots like this where you can get in hours of practice.


Poneloya is an unrecognized surf spot; access is easy by bus from Leon, visitors are few, and waves are in the intermediate range.

Puerto Sandino is also about half an hour by bus from Leon – just take the southbound bus toward the Izapa junction. This used to be a relatively unpopulated break, but it was recently written up in a Brazilian surf magazine as a truly stunning place to surf, so it may become more popular. It's stull worth a look, though. Waves are in the intermediate range.

These are just a few broad areas; you may find your own secret cove in the vicinity of one of these beaches. Chat up the locals and go exploring!

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