The Time of Your Life: Surf Rentals in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Sep 10, 2013 12:18:00 PM

Surfing in NicaraguaTravelers from across the globe flock to the sandy shores of Nicaragua to relax, soak up the sun and admire the breathtaking scenery. Those who aren't content just to sit on the sand can also choose to jump into the excitement thanks to the country's fabulous surfing.

The unique location of Nicaragua provides the country with two coastlines. To the east is the Caribbean Sea, and to the west is the Pacific Ocean. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, Nicaragua is the ideal surfing destination.

Plan Your Trip During Surfing Season

If you are just planning to spend an afternoon learning to stand up on a surfboard, the warm climate of Nicaragua means that surf rentals are available throughout the year. However, there is a definite season where the swells and waves are at their peak. Between March and November, Nicaragua boasts some of the best conditions for surfing of anywhere on the planet. Numerous big-name surfers head to the Pacific and Caribbean shorelines to take advantage of the wind direction and the impressive waves. If you are planning to do a lot of surfing, you should plan your trip during the same time of year.

Are You a Beginner? Sign Up For Lessons in Nicaragua

Even total beginners can arrange surf rentals in Nicaragua with no problem. After a few tries, you may even be able to stand up and ride in on a wave all by yourself. However, there is no question that surfing lessons will get you there much faster. Group and private surfing lessons in Nicaragua can teach you everything from timing the wave to keeping safe in strong currents.

Choose a Surf Rental Shop

There are dozens of places where travelers can find surf rentals in Nicaragua. If you are staying at a resort like the Grand Baymen, you can ask staff for recommendations about the best and most affordable place. However, be sure to keep location in mind as well as price. Pick a rental shop that is located just next to the beach so that you don't have to travel far while carrying your board.

From long boards to surfboard wax, surf shops in Nicaragua can provide you with everything you might need to have the best surfing vacation of your life. Click here to discover the best surf spots in the entire country of Nicaragua.

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