The Six Best Spots for Surfing in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jun 18, 2013 8:10:43 AM

Surfing in NicaraguaIf you’re searching for a few of Central America’s thrilling breaks, Nicaragua is the place to be. Known for its gorgeous beaches and white-tipped waves, this country is quickly becoming a mecca for adventurous tourists and relaxation-seekers alike, and surfing in Nicaragua is one of the area’s most primary draws. Here, the local experts at Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort give you an inside peek at the country’s hottest spots to surf.

1. Playa Hermosa

When vacationers take off on a journey to San Juan del Sur, they almost always hit this sandy spot. Just 30 minutes from San Juan, this mile-long beach is a local goldmine. The wave quality is solid, the peaks are everywhere and the atmosphere is completely serene. You have to pay a few bucks to get in, but waves like this are worth it.

2. Playa Colorado

Playa Colorado isn’t nearly as hushed as Playa Hermosa, but the breaks and barrels are beyond compare. The offshore winds work the tides perfectly, and the nearby river is responsible for the surf-enhancing sandbanks. Plus, the area is great for grabbing a drink and chatting with the other surfing aficionados. Just make sure to plan ahead; because this beach is private, you’ll need to either book a room at the local resorts or access the waters by boat.

3. The Boom

An iconic Nicaragua surfing experience needs an iconic name, and The Boom sums up the area perfectly. Situated north of Lake Managua, this beach is known for providing heavy barrels, vertical drops and thrilling ledges, so it’s not the best place for beginners. Seasoned surfers, however, will find plenty to love about the place, and its remote location makes it ideal for kicking back and soaking up some sun before you move on.

4. Popoyo

Surfing in Nicaragua doesn't get much better than Popoyo. Located near the sleepy town of Las Salinas, this classic spot is made up of both an inner and outer reef, and each offers a slightly different experience. The inner reef is a local favorite, and you’ll likely have to wait your turn to try the waves. The outer reef is a pro's paradise, and only the most experienced surfers should give its tough barrels, huge breaks and shallow reef a whirl.

5. San Diego Beach

Locals and tourists alike love this beach for its Lake Cocibolca winds, consistent swells and pristine atmosphere. Plus, when you head to this Gran Pacifica gem, you’ll get access to amenities like personal lessons, boat rentals and beach chairs. It’s not as frenetic as The Boom, but surfers don’t seem to mind. The graceful waves speak for themselves.

6. Playa Maderas

This one is another San Juan del Sur treasure, and both old pros and beginners can benefit from its smooth swells and medium winds. It's also packed with tiny bars, local eateries and yoga retreats, so you can easily spend a few days exploring the atmosphere and enjoying the water. After all, that’s what surfing in Nicaragua is all about: good friends, great times and amazing breaks.

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