Surfing in Nicaragua Amongst Undiscovered Waves

Posted by Mike Cobb on May 29, 2012 6:07:14 PM

"The undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns..."

Your typical surfer may or may not be familiar with the above Shakespeare quote from Hamlet, but one thing is certain: when it comes to undiscovered waves, uncrowded beaches and prime surfing locations, Nicaragua is a country which traveling surfers will long to return once discovered.

Surfing Blossoms in Nicaragua

Until the late 1990's, Nicaragua's Pacific coast was a relatively undiscovered and closely guarded open secret for the global fraternity of the jet setting surfer set. That is about the time when the Nicaraguan Ministry of Tourism began promoting the country as a surfing destination and today, thanks to the large number of American ex-pats taking up residence there and promoting tourism and travel back home, more of the traveling public is getting a taste of surfing in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has everything a traveling surfer could want in a destination. There are plenty of accommodations at Gran Pacifica at reasonable prices, the tourist centers do not want for restaurants and nightlife opportunities, the weather and waters are always warm, and most importantly, the surf conditions are consistently good the whole year round.

Best Surfing Spots

Nicaragua's best surfing spots are on the Pacific coast. While the Caribbean coast is scenic and largely undeveloped, the conditions just aren't right for good surfing. The regions of Rivas and San Juan del Sur have vibrant and growing surfer communities and lie on the southwest portion of the coast where surfing conditions are the best.

Other places of particular note are Maderas and Popoyo beaches. Along the northern coastline, the areas around Leon and Chinandega are becoming popular for consistent breaks and swells. Many of the best surfing locations are still word-of-mouth secrets, accessible only by boat or through one of the many surf tour operators. It's well worth the effort to find them.

Surfing in Nicaragua is fast becoming one of the major tourism draws , so the time to discover the charms of this undiscovered country is now.



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