Nicaragua is a Surfing Hot Spot

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Nicaragua is one of the biggest nations in Central America. The country boasts of a long surfing season lasting for about 9 out of 12 months. The country is famed for its S swells in rock reef breaks and sandbars. There are numerous surf rentals in Nicaragua available. This makes your surfing experience extremely convenient. Surf spots are mainly located along the Pacific coastline in the southwest. Breaks can be hard to access and may require a boat or a 4x4 vehicle.

Surf Seasons in Nicaragua

The peak surfing season in the country is from April to September. Mornings are usually dry, but there may be a slight rain during afternoons. Light offshore winds and southern swells are quite common during these months. The waves along the Pacific Coast are over six feet high and ideal for surfers who are experienced. It is during this season that the demand for surf rentals in Nicaragua is the highest. If you are planning a trip during the peak season, be sure to book your trip in advance.

Unique Features

Lake Nicaragua is the biggest lake in the whole of Central America. It spreads across 3,191 square miles. It creates an offshore wind that is consistent and in turn generates surf swells. These winds are known as Papagayo. They blow all day long making it possible for you to surf right from the time the sun rises until it sets. Moreover, these winds give rise to waves that stand up and are smooth at the same time.

Popular Surf Spots

Rivas and San Juan del Sur, which receive the Papagayo wind, are the most popular surf cities in the south of the country. Popoyo and Maderas are extremely popular beaches as they offer the benefit of constant waves.

Several surf camps are seen in the regions mentioned above. These are quite busy, especially during surf season. The north coast is less crowded as it does not receive the popular Papagayo winds. Sunrise surfing along this coast is quite popular and a great experience. For beginners, Managua's Quisala beach is a great place to start surfing.


Surf boards can be carried on local buses in Nicaragua, but an extra charge is levied for the additional space it occupies. Taxis, minibuses and express minivans are a more comfortable way of getting yourself and your surf board to your favorite surf spots. You can get more details on reliable services and links at shops that specialize in surf rentals in Nicaragua .


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