Learn the Best Spots to Surf in Nicaragua

Posted by Mike Cobb on May 10, 2012 10:46:02 AM

Surfing in Nicaragua is an excellent way to spend some time in this beautiful Latin American country. The country is lined with beaches that are great for surfers of all ages and experience. Most of the best surfing spots in Nicaragua are located on the Pacific coast, with popular destinations ranging from the city's capital of Managua to San Juan del Sur in the south and Poneloya farther north.


Popular Surfing Times & Spots

The best time for surfing in Nicaragua is during the spring and summer months, typically April through September, when the tide is expected to be at its best levels for surfing.

The Playa Hermosa, in San Juan del Sur, is perhaps one of the most popular surfing destinations in Nicaragua . This beach stretches for over a mile. However, the Playa Hermosa is only accessible by boat, making it a less-visited travel destination for many but well worth the ride.

Another popular beach in Nicaragua for surfing is La Isla, located near Poneloya farther north from San Juan del Sur. La Isla is more suitable for intermediate surfers because the waves tend to be more challenging. In recent years, La Isla has grown in popularity, leading more travelers to the area, although it can still be a relaxing surf experience.


Beaches in Nicaragua

There are many others beaches, both public and private, that line the coast of Nicaragua. A popular private beach is Playa Colorado, near Nicaragua's border with Costa Rica. Playa Colorado is accessible by staying in one of the local haciendas or by requesting a boat. This beach is also best for those with some previous surf experience because the waves can change rapidly and unexpectedly.

One of the best things about surfing at Nicaragua's beaches is that some of the most popular surf destinations are near Gran Pacifica. Whether you're looking to own or rent, they have lodging that puts you close to some of the most beautiful surf spots in Central America.



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