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Posted by Adam McGeehan on Feb 24, 2017 11:37:41 AM

Living in another country is a very exciting prospect. It is exciting, adventurous, but can also be a little scary. Probably one of the most apprehensive parts of living in another country is the physical distance it creates between you and your loved ones. This is a big barrier for living abroad for many people. However, staying connected with loved ones is not something you will need to worry about while living in Nicaragua at Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort. Whether you plan to be living in Nicaragua part time or full time, you will always be able to stay connected to those that you care about.


Infrastructure for the Modern Age

Gran Pacifica is equipped with an infrastructure for the modern age. The resort features reliable electricity, cable TV and fiber optics internet connectivity. These are all essential for staying connected with loved ones. The beauty of having strong and reliable internet connection while living in Nicaragua at Gran Pacifica cannot be understated, especially when it comes to staying in contact with your loved ones back home. Modern ways of staying connected, such as Skype, are easily available to those living at Gran Pacifica.


The cellphone service at Gran Pacifica, and in Nicaragua in general, is also high quality and very reliable. There are two local cell phone providers in Nicaragua, Claro and Movistar. Each offers nationwide coverage, and both have very high reliability ratings, of 89% and 87% respectively. Other providers, such as T-Mobile, offer reliable international coverage in Nicaragua, which is surprisingly affordable.


Always a Short Plane Ride Away

If you ever find yourself wanted to connect with loved ones in person, doing so is never more than a short plane ride away. Gran Pacifica is conveniently located a short one-hour drive away from Nicaragua’s international airport. Flights to and from the United States run multiple times a day, to such major airport hubs as Houston, Atlanta and Miami. Flights to these cities are typically only 3-4 hours, and you’re likely to only pay around $500 per person for a ticket.


When living in another country, being able to stay connected with loved ones is always important. Luckily for those living in Nicaragua at Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort, this is not something to worry about. The excellent telecommunications at Gran Pacifica allows for residents to always be in contact with those they care about.

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Adam McGeehan

Written by Adam McGeehan

Adam is a recent graduate of Allegheny College. There he majored in Economics with a minor in Spanish. He has always been interested in traveling abroad and is thrilled to have recently taken up residence in Managua, Nicaragua to work as an intern for ECI Development. He is excited to take in all of the culture of this wondrous nation.

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