Today on the 11 kilometers of opportunity...

Posted by Mike Cobb on Feb 28, 2012 5:56:58 PM

Gran Pacifica residents Murray and Teena along with some friends from Canada have started an incredible transformation of life for a child and family in Villa el Carmen, Nicaragua. Â The subject line of their e-mail to me says it all, Â "Today on the 11 kilometers of opportunity..." Read how they have given the gift of school and a whole lot more to a young girl and her family. Â We'll keep you updated as more stories and updates come along. Enjoy the story and more pictures here...

Today we witnessed a most amazing transformation from a face of despair and hopelessness to quiet tears of shear and sincere joy on the face of who we now know as AnnaAriaca, Anna Eriksa Sanchez 's mother, very thin and frail with no front teeth, wearing the same yellow dress each time we see her. It is full of tiny holes from wear over the years.  She covers her mouth when she does speak. Anna Eriksa is a sweet, quiet 10 year old Nicaragua girl who walks with her elderly parents 2 kilometers through a rough sugar cane trail to reach the road where they hope each time for a vehicle with room for three more, to catch a ride 11 more kilometers down a dusty road and a spattering of shanty homes. They reach the end of the 11 km, either by a ride from a kind passer buyer, or by walking the entire way. Each time, Anna Erika passes by school children her age, laughing and playing together in the school yard, but has not yet entertained the hope of one day belonging to that group. Her parents do not read or write, or remember her birth date, yet she is always clean and wears a seemingly happy countenance. Her father Hosea, is also very, very thin and frail. At the end of the 11 km, they catch a bus to a little town to pick up supplies and a small pension amount, which they stand in a long line to receive. Supplies are usually a heavy bag filled with rice and beans and a few other items. We often give them rides and tried with our Spanglish to ask their names etc, but had them on our hearts to know more about them.

One day last week while our long time friends, Kelvin and Edwina were enjoying a vacation from their jobs in Canada, we stopped to pick them up. We learned more details about them, and telephoned Joanne, a fellow Canadian friend, who speaks fluent Spanish, and who manages the restaurant here on the property, to translate our questions and find out why Little Anna was not in school. Once we understood their situation clearly, our friends immediately began to answer the tugging on their hearts to get her into school, provide a bicycle for Anna to go 4 km to and from her house to the school and back each day. School begins at 7:30 am and ends at 12:00 noon. We were able to meet them at the school this morning, along with Joanne and register her to start tomorrow! They then received all the gifts that Kelvin and Edwina provided for them, including her school supplies, uniform and of course a bike! The bike already had a sticker "made in Canada" on it , and a Canadian flag. Wow! Hosea and Anna also received gifts of clothing. Anna's mother would not let go of the bag with her two new dresses, some underwear and a new pair of flip flops! When we dropped them off at their trail, they asked us if we would accept a tiny chick for a gift - a live chick! We were careful not to offend, but replied that the only gift they can give us is for Anna to learn to ride her bike, read and write, and use the bike to help carry supplies to their house.

This story does not end here, there will be more..........

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Written by Mike Cobb

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