Thursday Radio Show from Nicaragua

Posted by Mike Cobb on Jan 22, 2013 3:19:52 PM

In Thursday's show Mike interviewed attorney Joel Nagel from the Domingo Savio Center just outside Managua, Nicaragua. Here for the Gran Pacifica shareholder meeting, Joel and Mike were working painting a fence and planting trees in a high school. The school and a service center is run by the Fabretto Foundation serving at risk youth with a relevant educational program for life after school in Nicaragua. Mike asked Joel to talk about his first trip to Nicaragua 20 years ago in search of a service project for the Pittsburgh Rotary Club in the early 1990's. Nagel spearheaded the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic built in the mountains of Nicaragua serving heretofore an underserved (non-served) population with health and medical treatments. Joel Nagel went onto become President of the Pittsburgh Rotary Club and then to become District Governor for the region. His description of how Pittsburgh and Nicaragua share a perception problem is intriguing. In our final segment, we circle around to law and we discuss the tax compliance issues for expats living abroad and the implications of the HIRE Act and the FACTA provisions embedded in it.  Joel also serves as a Director of ECI Development

In next week's show Mike Interviews Peter Schaller, a project manager for Fabretto Foundation and expat resident in Nicaragua for 17 years. His story is a fantastic testament to service and the long term needs served by an organization like Fabretto Foundation. 

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