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Posted by Mike Cobb on May 24, 2012 5:54:40 PM

Retire overseas right? But there is always the big question of what to do when you retire. Some people will probably never retire. I’m likely one of them. I can’t imagine sitting in a rocking chair all day, and most of you can’t either. Activity is important. Friends, clubs, amenities, gatherings all create a vitality to the “retirement” experience. That is why it is so critical to find a community overseas with these critical components already in place.

Unfortunately, some folks caught without enough savings, or hard hit in the recent real estate and market corrections will need to continue to earn money in retirement. This may or may not be possible in a foreign country depending on your skills and capabilities, but more and more, work is portable and if you want a life overseas, you can probably make it work.  Especially if your cost of living drops by a half or more while your quality of life radically increases.

Service to Others Delivers Significance to Self

But what if you don’t need to earn a living? What if you have the funds you need to live comfortably in your home by the beach? How can you fill all the hours of the day with something important, meaningful and worthwhile?  It’s a great question and one that has about as many answers as personalities.

There are numerous organizations with whom you can get involved. Rotary in Nicaragua is a very active organization and there are even two Rotary Clubs in Managua. The number of NGO's here is astonishing, numbering in the hundreds with focuses from health, to education, to environmental, technical training, to business efforts. Really, almost no matter what your background, there is a place you can plug in and make a difference.

Allegheny College Volunteers in Nicaragua

On this week’s radio show, I talk with a group of Allegheny College administrators and students about their trip to Nicaragua to serve a group of folks who have made a new life for themselves. Project Chacocente is a program started by an entrepreneur, Cheryl Avery, about a decade ago to help families who lived and worked in the city dump of Managua, La Chureca. In the last 5 years, 10 families have made the successful transition to a new life, with new skills, and excellent education for their children.


Michaeline Shuman from Allegheny College is on her 3rd trip to help the Project here this time for 2 weeks. This time she has fellow administrator, Kirsten Peterson on her second trip, and a troop of 26 college undergrads working hard and among other things, digging a latrine for the school. On their day off, Sunday, the entire gang enjoyed a day at Gran Pacifica swimming, riding horses, playing volleyball, and generally relaxing at the beach.

While not relaxing and having fun, Michaeline, Omar, Kirsten, and several of the students stopped by for an interview by the pool. We picked up a few more interviews at the Project itself and have included some photos of the hard work and success there. The ideas and thoughts of these volunteers from Allegheny College is enlightening for anyone planning a visit or retirement in Nicaragua.

Retire in Nicaragua

If a retirement in Nicaragua is something you’d like to consider, be sure to keep in mind the many ways to “give back” and you’ll certainly find new significance in your life. In most cases it’s free, and your commitment is only your time.

When you are ready to visit Nicaragua, be sure to put a day or two at the beach on your list and perhaps enjoy a round of golf in Nicaragua as well. Be in touch and enjoy the show.

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