Shoes for Nicaragua

Posted by Karl Ohrman on Nov 22, 2019 4:31:45 PM

Pittsburgh has a special bond with Nicaragua going back to the Chamorro presidency in 1990. Since then, Pittsburgh Rotary has sponsored a number of service projects there including the establishment of three medical clinics. Another project called Shoes for Nicaragua is now in its sixth year.

How a Pair of Shoes Can Make a Difference for children

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Nicaragua has two sides. The bigger cities are doing fine. Good streets, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls. But out in the rural areas, it’s grinding poverty. Education is the answer to break this poverty cycle for the children living in these conditions.


Fortunately, children in Nicaragua have access to public education, but there’s one catch. They must wear shoes to school. Most families in Nicaragua, especially in the rural areas, cannot afford shoes for their children. Thus, the poverty cycle continues. 


The Goal of 'Shoes for Nicaragua'

On the other hand, children in America have plenty of shoes tucked away in their closets that they’ve outgrown. Putting these two concepts together formed the Shoes for Nicaragua Project. 


To date, Pittsburgh Rotary, helped by many other area Rotary clubs, has sent well over 10,000 pairs of gently used children’s shoes to Nicaragua via a nonprofit near Cincinnati, called Matthew 25 Ministries.

An amazing fact is that not one penny has been spent on this project. All of the printing, collection, storage, shipping and any office expense have all been donated. Be sure to check the video below and learn more about this amazing initiative,


***Karl Ohrman is retired businessman in Pittsburgh. If you would like to support 'Shoes for Nicaragua,' you can contact Karl by calling (412) 391-7425 or sending an email to


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