The municipality of Villa El Carmen and Gran Pacifica work together in the construction of the Roberto Clemente III Clinic.

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jun 20, 2017 2:47:32 PM

Thanks to the partnerships being created in Nicaragua, thousands of families who reside in rural communities in the Villa El Carmen municipality, will have free access to medical care from the new Roberto Clemente III Clinic, which has just been constructed in the San Diego region.

On Monday, Michael Cobb, CEO of Gran Pacifica; Patrick Hiebert, Vice President of Sales and Marketing;  Valeria Espinoza, Vice President of Operations; Ruth Vado, Architect; launched the construction of the clinic. This new health center is possible thanks to the efforts of the Gran Pacifica Resort S.A. corporation, the Villa El Carmen authorities, and the families that live in the area, who are the main focus of this social event. The medical clinic is being built on a 140 m2 plot of land donated by Gran Pacifica Resort, along with a sizable investment.


Michael Kent Cobb, President of the Gran Pacifica group, said the clinic has become a reality thanks to the efforts of many people, including North American doctors from the Pittsburgh Rotary Club, as well as the support provided by the government through Villa El Carmen’s municipality. “The clinic responds to the lack of medical attention that we have seen here through the years for children, adolescents, and young and old adults”, said Michael. He added that for Gran Pacifica, the clinic marks an important moment due to the benefit it brings to the families in all these rural communities.

“This clinic will resolve many problems for pregnant women, children, and working men, among others, who need medical attention and live in places that are far away from any health center. We have joined forces to answer the demands of all these families in need”, said Mayor Denis Espinoza.


“It brings our community great joy to have a health center. Thanks to the union of Gran Pacifica and the municipality, we won’t have to go to the center in Villa El Carmen every time we are sick because we will have doctors and medications in the new clinic”, said Juana Solano, a resident from El Zapote village.

The Gran Pacifica Resort group is the developer of the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort project, which is located in front of San Diego Beach. The group’s investments are widespread and they are committed to helping the social and touristic development of the different communities in Villa El Carmen.


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