8 Signs That You're Ready to Retire to The Good Life in Latin America

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Apr 30, 2015 12:00:00 AM

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As of 2014, the average age for retirement in the United States is 62. Whether you are close to that number, it's still a decade in the future or you've long surpassed that particular birthday, you might want to assess just how ready you are for retirement as well as where the best spot for your retirement might be.

These eight signs are sure ways to tell whether retiring to the good life of Latin America might be a smart fit for your future.

1. You're Experiencing Wanderlust

Wanderlust, or the desire to travel to new places, often hits those nearing retirement. One way to satisfy that desire it by retiring to a new and exotic location. Fortunately, Latin America boasts plenty of options like Costa Rica, Panama, Belize and Nicaragua.

2. Relaxing Starts to Sound Pretty Great

Many retirees don't want to slow down, and they may be eager to fill their schedules with work until the last possible moment. If you are starting to take a different look at life, and you're excited to finally get the chance to kick back and relax, then retirement in Central America may be the perfect fit for you.

3. You Want to Keep Retirement Costs Low...

Most retirees are eager to keep the costs of retirement as low as possible. In Latin America, costs of everyday life as well as real estate are affordable. This means that retiring to a beachfront destination could still be well within your budget.

4. Without Giving up the Dream of Luxury

Affordability may be a priority, but that doesn't mean you'll have to give up modern amenities, comfort or resort-style facilities. Embrace a luxurious side of retirement through ECI Development communities in Latin America that offer pools, fitness facilities, golf courses and upscale amenities for all residents to enjoy.

5. You'd Like to Minimize Medical Expenses

Medical expenses in North America can be expensive. Cut costs on everything from doctor's visits to prescriptions by heading south to Latin America.

6. You Want to Spend Time With Like-Minded Expats

If your dream retirement community is made of fellow travelers from around the world, then head to Latin America. Places like the Grand Baymen and Gran Pacifica attract like-minded expats who want to experience culture on a budget in a tropical setting.

7. You Dread Cold Temperatures and Winter

While many individuals prefer the warm days of summer over brutal winters, that preference can become even more pronounced with age. Rather than tolerating cold winters in your home town, take a chance on the sun and head to a warm and scenic destination somewhere in Latin America.

8. You Want to Pick up or Continue a Hobby

Whether you want to work on your golf game or get back into walking daily, a warm destination and a safe community can make it possible.

If you notice all or most of these eight signs in yourself, then retiring to Latin America could be exactly what you need to improve your happiness at this stage in your life.

Explore your options to live and retire in Latin America in a safe environment with all the amenities you're used to having.


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