Why Retiring in Nicaragua is a Smart Idea

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jun 29, 2012 1:08:18 PM

In today's constantly changing world, many people are wondering if they have the money or the income to retire. What may have seemed possible a decade ago is suddenly looking like a financial impossibility. With prices rising all the time, and retirement funds losing money, it can seem like an uphill battle to retirement. Fortunately, there's an alternative way to retire. Many would-be retirees are realizing that living in the Central American nation of Nicaragua , with its low cost of living and North American-quality communities, is the right choice for them.

Why Retire in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is fast becoming one of the top places in the world to retire, and for good reason. For North Americans, it's just a short flight back home to visit family and friends, with several international carriers offering service from the capital and largest city, Managua. Nicaragua has beautiful, unspoiled beaches and coastline, great weather, friendly people, and modern, quality healthcare with bilingual healthcare professionals. Best of all, it's extremely affordable, offering retirees a quality of life at a price that is unimaginable in most parts of North America.

Logistics of Retiring in Nicaragua

Nicaragua makes it very easy to retire there. The country has a very low requirement for monthly income, which is not hard to meet for those retirees coming from North America. Retirees also don't need to be residents of Nicaragua in order to own land there, though in that case, every 90 days a non-resident landowner in Nicaragua would need to leave the country for 72 hours. Even that is easy to do, with plenty of ways to hop over to neighboring Costa Rica or Honduras for several days of fun and adventure. Retirees who would like to establish residency in Nicaragua are able to do so quite easily. The Nicaraguan government has streamlined the process to becoming a resident and has made it quite straightforward.

Deciding Where to Retire in Nicaragua

Deciding to retire in Nicaragua is easy. What's not so easy is deciding exactly where to live. Nicaragua is full of communities offering a North American-style of living at much more affordable prices, though choosing which community to live in can be a daunting process. One of the nicest communities in Nicaragua is Gran Pacifica. Located directly facing the beach, this beautiful community offers North American amenities, with high quality interiors, as well as exciting opportunities for activities such as golfing, surfing, horseback riding, walking along secluded trails, or exploring nearby towns.

The Next Steps

Retirees that have decided that Nicaragua is the right place for them to retire should consider taking an exploratory trip to Nicaragua. While there, they can speak to real estate agents about finding a place to live, as well as get a real feel for Nicaragua and all it has to offer. There are also plenty of people who can assist retirees with any questions they might have about acclimating to their new home, as well as any immigration or financial concerns. It's all easier than one might think to pick up and retire to Nicaragua.

Gran Pacifica

Written by Gran Pacifica

Gran Pacifica is a master planned community of over 2500 acres and 3.5 miles of Pacific coast line an hour west of Managua in Nicaragua. The company focuses on providing their international and domestic clientele with communities that feature first-rate amenities and infrastructure including underground utilities, paved streets and sidewalks. Gran Pacifica's primary demographic is North American Retirees and vacation homes in Nicaragua owners who enjoy living in a robust beach and golf community.

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