Village Casitas in Nicaragua Offer Incredible Value to Retirees

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Sep 13, 2012 9:00:03 AM

Many United States citizens are nearing retirement age and some of them cannot afford retirement due to the worldwide economic crisis. Even with real estate price reductions in the United States, many citizens cannot afford to buy a home. Nicaragua is appealing because the real estate prices are reasonable, beach front property is available and health care is affordable. New construction in the area has made Nicaragua more attractive to the North American consumer who prefers modern amenities. Let’s take a look at the advantages of village casitas in Nicaragua.

What Nicaragua’s Real Estate Has to Offer

Nicaragua has numerous traditional golf course homes and beach-side condominiums. Some people, however, prefer to feel more connected to the local culture and live in a casita. The small cottages or houses are often featured in villages. The homes are strategically arranged around a courtyard to encourage communal living.

Most casitas feature ceramic tile floors, wood detailing and traditional tile roofs. Modern amenities including air conditioning, satellite or fiber optic television, modern appliances, new cabinetry and unique floor plans are common in casitas. Casitas can be as small as 800 square feet and as large as 2000 square feet. Some casitas even have a golf course view and accessibility.

Many casitas have the same level of convenience of a condo. Some casitas include the exterior maintenance and landscaping in monthly home owner's association fees. This inclusion reduces the responsibilities of the casita owner and helps the retiree enjoy the village without worries of maintaining the home. This is affordable retirement at its best.

The Cost of Nicaraguan Village Casitas

Many homes in Gran Pacifica and other casita villages start at $123,000. Golf casitas are as low as $149,200. This community offers affordable living at a fraction of the cost in the United States. Many people rent the homes out during peak tourist season and earn an income on the houses. In a short period of time, the rental will be paid off and retirees can live in the homes without financial concerns. Nicaraguan village casitas are an affordable solution to economic crisis.

About the Gran Pacifica Resort

This resort community features numerous golf courses that are perfect for the retiree. Most people who are retired can enjoy a game of golf on the well-designed courses with immaculate greens like the ones found here: While playing golf, a relaxing view of the ocean is present in the background. Retirees can enjoy the luxuries they are accustomed to at a fraction of the cost.

Nicaragua has one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. There are also 215 miles of beach front access on the Pacific Ocean and 330 miles of beach front access on the Atlantic Ocean. Residents and guests enjoy the volcanoes and rain forest. The plant and animal life is diverse and is a site to behold.

During the rainy season, May through October, the vegetation in Nicaragua is lush and inviting. Everywhere residents and guests look, there is greenery. Rain facilitates the growth and maintenance of the foliage. From December to April, it is drier in Nicaragua, and the landscaping begins to change from green to brown. During this time, it is more enjoyable to go to the beach or play golf without planning for a sudden rain shower.

Nicaraguan Village Casitas- One Solution to Retirement

Nicaraguan village casitas are just one solution to retirement living and they provide affordable living to retirees seeking a haven. Real estate professionals are available at Gran to help retirees explore their options in this community.

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