The Top Reasons for Retiring in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Apr 25, 2013 9:13:08 AM

Retiring in NicaraguaWhen it comes time to think seriously about your retirement options, you may already have a few great ideas in mind. Warm weather tops the list for many seniors, and many retirees are also eager for outdoor recreation opportunities and facilities. Of course, another important part of retirement is the social aspect. Most people want to live in neighborhoods or residential areas where they can interact with others on a regular basis. Other things like safety and affordability are also incredibly important. Here are some of the top reasons to think seriously about retiring in Nicaragua.

Unbeatable Climate

One of the key things that retirees look for in their ultimate retirement destination is warm weather. In Nicaragua, the coastal temperatures are typically warm. Further inland, winter brings a slight chill, but it is comparable to Central Florida. For most of the year, spending time outdoors is enjoyable and comfortable.

An Affordable Place to Live

There are countless individuals over the age of 60 who want to retire, but they aren't sure how they would be able to afford daily expenses in their current location. You might be surprised to learn that daily living in Nicaragua is among the lowest on the entire planet. Even the most desirable beachfront properties are more affordable that you would probably expect.

A Foreign Retiree Residency Program

Some of the big concerns that people have with moving to an exotic retirement destination are the legal issues and immigration laws. In Nicaragua, however, retirees don't need to be concerned. Almost all retirees from abroad will fall under the Foreign Retiree Residency Program offered by the Nicaraguan government. All you need to quality is at least $400 a month in income or adequate savings and proof that you are over the age of 45.

Plenty of Choices for Community Living

Whether you are retiring by yourself or with a partner, you will probably want to retire somewhere that has a community feel, neighbors that you can spend time with and amenities where you can all gather. Places like the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort offer golfing, walking tracks, onsite dining, pools and community areas that encourage friendliness and social interaction.

It is clear to see that retirement in a place like Nicaragua can be an exciting thing. Click here to learn more about the best reasons for retiring in Nicaragua.


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