Retiring in Nicaragua Offers Numerous Benefits

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jul 30, 2013 8:27:35 AM

Retiring in NicaraguaNicaragua is considered one of the best places for retirees for saving their investment in the real estate business. Expatriates can enjoy the beauty of the country, yes retiring in Nicaragua is a pleasant experience.

Tax-free purchasing of luxurious items like cars and property is another advantage of moving to this tropical paradise.

Here are some additional things you need to know about Nicaragua when considering spending your retirement here.

Climatic Conditions

The Nicaraguan climate has two major seasons: the dry season in summer, and the rainy season in winter. The rainy season lasts for nearly nine months and makes the atmosphere pleasant and dirt-free.

Healthcare Facilities

People who are acutely conscious about health facilities can rest easy, especially those retiring in Nicaragua. Medical facilities in all big cities of Nicaragua are top quality. Doctors are truly cooperative with patients and often share their personal phone numbers for further assistance.

People and Culture

Nicaraguan people are exceptionally hospitable, and they know the value of foreigners in their country. They often provide guidance and help to new residents and are usually open to conversation. Spanish is the most common language, so knowing Spanish will help individuals become a part of the community more quickly. Natives are truly open-minded and are willing to help.

Cultural histories contained in libraries and museums often portray a false picture of Nicaraguan culture, but lately, people are taking a proactive role in correcting their history. Many events that are steeped in religious history are becoming less ritualistic and more communal. For instance, the annual celebration of the Immaculate Conception on December 8 is considered a most-important event, yet it is open to all creeds.

Transportation Facilities

Highways stretch several thousand miles in Nicaragua. Many public transport facilities are available, and anyone can own a car on a limited budget. The railway system is also available in more populated parts of the country. Airports are of high standard. Much developmental work has been performed for the improvement of transportation facilities.

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