Maintain Your Quality of Life by Retiring in Latin America

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Apr 3, 2015 11:06:35 AM

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Even if you have spent your working life carefully planning and saving for an eventual retirement, it can be tricky to balance the costs of retirement with the quality of life you hoped you could afford. Most retirees have worked out a specific amount that they can spend each year without draining their resources, and the trick to making the most of that money is to head to a more affordable destination.

Discover how you can maintain your quality of life by retiring in Latin America.

Cut Costs by Retiring in a More Affordable Destination

Many retirees find that without a regular income from employment, they have to lower their standard of living in order to stick to a budget. After a life of working hard, however, you shouldn't have to lower your standards of living at this stage.

Rather than expecting less, one great option is to move to a destination where the cost of living is lower. In many Latin American destinations, everything from real estate to groceries is cheaper than in North America, helping you to drastically cut costs and stick to your retirement budget without needing to cut back on the things you love.

Choose From a Variety of Latin American Destinations

ECI Development has scoured the best of Latin America in order to pick four incredible destinations that offer the beauty, scenery, inexpensive lifestyle and attractions that investors from around the world want most.

Your options with ECI range from the Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort to the Grand Baymen in Belize as well as the Grand Caribbean in Costa Rica and Los Islotes in Panama. Whatever your hobbies, passions or preferences, you can find what you're looking for at one of these incredible Latin American communities.

Find a Community, Not a Retirement Home

While there is no question that the developments from ECI are ideal for retirees, that doesn't mean this is a retirement home. There are no age restrictions in place, and people from all walks of life are attracted to the appeal of affordable living in a warm, picture-perfect setting.

That means that these are true communities filled with expats who get to know each other, form bonds and invite friends and family to visit. You might choose to buy a property now, enjoy it as a vacation home for a decade, and then head there full-time once you're retired. There are even options for rental income or resale profit for investors.

Enjoy Luxury Amenities You Deserve

A more affordable way of life definitely doesn't translate to a more basic way of living. Retiring in one of the ECI Development communities means having access to resort-style amenities including onsite golf courses, swimming pools, fitness facilities, clubhouses, spa facilities and much more. Dine at international and local eateries within walking distance and turn your retirement into a permanent vacation in a tropical destination like Panama, Costa Rica, Belize or Nicaragua.

To maintain your quality of life during retirement without spending more, consider retiring in one of the Latin American planned communities from ECI Development.


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Written by Gran Pacifica

Gran Pacifica is a master planned community of over 2500 acres and 3.5 miles of Pacific coast line an hour west of Managua in Nicaragua. The company focuses on providing their international and domestic clientele with communities that feature first-rate amenities and infrastructure including underground utilities, paved streets and sidewalks. Gran Pacifica's primary demographic is North American Retirees and vacation homes in Nicaragua owners who enjoy living in a robust beach and golf community.

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