9 Surprising Facts About Retiring in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jan 28, 2014 4:57:43 PM
Couple Retiring in NicaraguaMany aspiring retirees want to move to an exotic location overseas, but the expense of some popular destinations makes it seem like that dream can't be a real possibility. However, retiring in Nicaragua has serious potential, and these nine facts might surprise anyone who hasn't yet visited the country.

1. The Cost of Living is Affordable

Beachfront retirement is possible when you realize that the cost of living in Nicaragua is far below that of similar destinations in North America.

2. The Average Temperature is 75 Degrees Year-Round

It's easy to be impressed when you learn that the average daytime temperature in Nicaragua is a wonderful 75 degrees, and it is often complemented by a refreshing sea breeze.

3. You Can Custom-Build Homes on the Beach

Since much of Nicaragua is still undeveloped, there is the possibility of creating your own dream home right on one of the country's famed beaches.

4. Taxes May Be Lower Than You Expect

Foreign investors may be able to benefit from legally reduced tax benefits, which can further save you money when living abroad.

5. Amenities Abound in Nicaragua Resort Communities

The beach and a new home may be the draw, but residents in Nicaragua can also enjoy community amenities like tennis courts, swimming pools and fitness facilities.

6. The County is Known For Its Championship Golf Courses

Warm weather and incredible views set the scene for some of the world's best golf courses, all of which are playable year-round.

7. Nicaragua Has Impressive Healthcare Facilities

A big concern for some retirees is the healthcare system overseas, but Nicaragua boasts fantastic medical facilities as well as close proximity to hospitals on the East Coast of the United States.

8. Crime Rates in Nicaragua Are Incredibly Low

Interpol recently reported that the crimes rates in Nicaragua are the lowest in all of Latin America. If safety and security is a big concern, this is a fact that can put you at ease.

9. Nicaragua Offers All the Modern Amenities You Could Desire

If moving to a new country is a concern, rest assured that Nicaragua has all the amenities a person could need, including wireless Internet and English cable channels. Click here to learn more about retiring in an exotic destination like Nicaragua.

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