9 Facts About Retiring in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jun 19, 2014 11:22:00 AM

9 Facts About Retiring on NicaraguaFor most retirees, the period of life where work is no longer a priority is a time for relaxation, the pursuit of hobbies and perhaps even a few indulgences.

By picking a retirement destination like Nicaragua, you will have access to incredible cuisine, gorgeous scenery and affordable properties. The following are nine of the most fascinating facts about retiring in Nicaragua.

1. Nicaragua is Safe

Contrary to what some people might believe, Nicaragua is an incredibly safe place to call home. Overall, crime rates are lower than in most other destinations in Latin America, making it the ideal place for retirees who crave security.

2. Nicaragua Boasts Championship Surf Beaches

Want to try surfing for the first time, or want to attract your grandchildren to the area for summer vacations? Nicaragua offers some spectacular surfing, and the country draws in professional surfers for numerous annual competitions.

3. Nicaragua Has an Impressive Healthcare System

Along with world-class medical facilities, hospitals and internationally trained physicians, Nicaragua has a stable and affordable healthcare system for residents.

4. Nicaragua's Government Offers Perks to Retirees

From permanent residential status to potential tax breaks for capital investments, Nicaragua offers a host of perks to its retirees. This makes living in the tropical paradise an even better investment from a financial point of view.

5. Nicaragua Offers a Low Cost of Living

If living on the beach has always felt like a dream, Nicaragua might make that dream a reality. Low costs of living mean that everything from property, to utilities, to restaurants will be cheaper that they are back home.

6. Nicaragua's Climate is Fantastic Year-Round

Whether you want to avoid cold winters or the insanely high temperatures of mid-summer, Nicaragua is the answer. Perfectly comfortable, warm and boasting sunny skies for much of the year, this country is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy outdoor activities.

7. Nicaragua is Home to Expatriate Communities

Nicaragua's local population is welcoming, diverse and kind. What may surprise many is that there are also neighborhoods of expatriates, many of whom are from North America, that have active social lives and vibrant, thriving communities.

8. Nicaragua Boasts World-Class Golf Courses

If you want to pick up golf in retirement, forget about extraordinarily expensive membership fees and green fees because Nicaragua is home to affordable golf courses. Plus, these courses are championship level, and they compare to the best in the world.

9. Nicaragua Has a Simple Citizen Program

If you love Nicaragua so much that you want to make it your true permanent home, becoming a citizen is a simple process. Waiting periods and fees are often waived for foreign retirees.

Retiring in Nicaragua can drastically improve the quality of your life. Click here to find out more about retiring in this beautiful destination.

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