5 Reasons To Retire in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Sep 4, 2014 9:45:31 AM

couple nicaragua retirementFor many people, retirement is a time when the stresses of working, raising young children and making ends meet can finally begin to subside. This stage of life is a chance to try new things, pursue your hobbies and enjoy decades of hard work.

If you are interested in retiring overseas, you'll have hundreds of potential spots to pick from. Discover why retiring in Nicaragua is the ideal choice thanks to the five reasons listed below.

1. Perfect Temperatures Throughout the Year

If the extreme heat of summer in some places is unappealing but the chill of winter leaves you feeling cold, the perfect compromise is Nicaragua. Throughout the year, this Central American country boasts temperatures of roughly 75 degrees. Frequent sunshine and refreshing ocean breezes make it the ideal environment to call home.

2. Health Care Is a Top Priority in Nicaragua

For those in or nearing retirement age, there is no question that medical facilities and suitable health care should be a priority. Thankfully, Nicaragua offers a fantastic health care system, affordable medical treatment and a range of English-speaking doctors as well as international hospitals. Of course, when emergencies arise or patients want to be treated elsewhere, there is always the option of evacuation by plane if it is ever needed.

3. Nicaragua Boasts Affordable Properties

For retirees who are serious about investigating overseas destinations worth calling home, cost will almost always be a factor. In many of the world's attractive beaches and tropical destinations, real estate prices are through the roof, making living in the area prohibitively expensive.

In Nicaragua, however, real estate is still affordable. In fact, a beachfront home or apartment close to the water will often be a fraction of the price that it might be in North America or Europe. In addition, the overall cost of living is also low, which is perfect for retirees on a fixed budget.

4. Unbeatable Scenery in Nicaragua

Whether you are entertaining guests from your dining room or walking along the beach early in the morning, you'll be privy to exceptional views when you live in Nicaragua. The country is home to miles of coastline on two bodies of water, meaning that it's impossible to go far without enjoying natural beauty.

5. Proximity to North America

Finally, it is worth noting that many of the retirees who settle in Nicaragua come from North America or have family in the region. For that reason, the country is a convenient spot to retire. You can be in the East Coast of the United States in just a few hours, which is perfect for holidays or long weekend trips.

Retiring in Nicaragua might be the smartest decision you ever make thanks to scenery, warmth and affordability. Click here to learn more about why buying a retirement home in Nicaragua is ideal.

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