Retirees in Nicaragua Can Enjoy North American Amenities

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Often, retirees are forced to choose between an affordable retirement and a retirement that gives them the lifestyle they deserve. Thankfully, there are still some places that offer both.

In Nicaragua, and in particular in places like the Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort, retirees can have the very best of both worlds. Property prices are still amazingly affordable, and the overall cost of living in Nicaragua is inexpensive, but you won't have to skip any of the North American amenities you are accustomed to.

Find out how the resort-style amenities and modern infrastructure of Nicaragua can allow you to have the ultimate retirement in a tropical paradise.

World-Class Medical Facilities

A major concern for many retirees is that they won't be able to get affordable, topnotch medical treatment while living in Nicaragua. Thankfully, that could not be further from the truth!

Nicaragua boasts many of the best hospitals in all of Central America, and expats will have no trouble finding a qualified physician, surgeon or specialist who speaks English fluently and may even have completed medical school or a residency in the United States.

To top it off, healthcare in Nicaragua is far cheaper than in the United States, a bonus for many retirees who are currently paying hefty monthly payments for minimal insurance policies.

International Airport and Major Airline Operations

Whether you want to retire in Nicaragua throughout the year or just head there for certain seasons, you won't have any trouble flying in and out of the country thanks to the impressive international airport in Managua.

Major airlines like Spirit, Delta, American and more operate flights to and from Nicaragua, making it easy for you to plan a last-minute trip to North America or even have your friends and family come down for an impromptu vacation in paradise.

Amazing Golf Courses and Beaches

If you wanted to live right on a golf course in North America, or have a beach within walking distance of your home, you could expect to pay sky-high prices for property.

However, in Nicaragua, a home at Gran Pacifica doesn't have to be expensive. You will be able to have incredible, resort-style amenities like exclusive beach access, golf courses, clubhouses and fitness facilities without paying the costs typically associated with such a lavish lifestyle.

Reliable Utilities

Those who are new to the idea of living in Central America might be worried that basic things like hot water or electricity will be an issue.

In reality, communities like the Gran Pacifica offer reliable utilities at roughly the same prices you're already used to back home in North America. You will still have all the same comforts that turn a piece of property into a true home.

Excellent Telecommunications Options

If you've made up your mind that Nicaragua is the perfect place for you to retire, staying in touch with friends and family back home will almost certainly be on your mind.

In Nicaragua, there is an excellent telecommunications infrastructure. Whether you want reliable wireless Internet, cell phone reception or satellite television with your favorite English-language channels, it is all available and convenient for residents throughout Nicaragua.

When you choose to retire in Nicaragua, you are embracing a new way of life. However, that doesn't mean you will have to leave behind all the amenities and comforts of home that you have grown to love in North America.

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