Retire in Tropical Nicaragua, Not a Retirement Home

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After working hard for most of your life, retirement is a time when you can feel free to kick back, relax and enjoy the best that the world has to offer. For many retirees, however, practical concerns take over and prevent them from retiring where they would truly be most happy. 

Destinations like Nicaragua offer virtually everything that a retiree might desire, including magnificent warm weather, breathtaking scenery and opportunities for outdoor recreation like fishing and golfing. 

More importantly, Nicaragua can offer amazing medical facilities, the logistical ease of declaring residency, an affordable cost of living and all the comforts of home. If you're still deciding whether a retirement home is the option for you, consider instead the warmth and beauty of retirement in Nicaragua.

Excellent Medical Facilities

One of the most integral considerations for retirees is what medical facilities will be available in their chosen retirement destination. Thankfully, you don't have to live in a retirement home in order to have access to topnotch medical professionals.

In Nicaragua, you'll have access to incredible physicians and nurses with experience in general patient care, emergency procedures and virtually every specialty in between.

You can seek basic treatment just minutes from the Gran Pacifica, or you can head into major cities like Managua, which boast world-class hospitals. If language is a concern, it shouldn't be. Most doctors in Nicaragua speak English, and many even got their medical degrees in the United States.

Ease of International Transport

If you're sure that you want to leave your current residence for a tropical retirement somewhere else in the world, transport may still be a significant concern.

After all, you'll still want to be able to see your friends and family on a regular basis, and you will want to make it easy for them to come and visit you as well. Living in Nicaragua means having plenty of international flights available to you daily.

A quick flight can have you in Miami in a couple of hours, making the ease of international travel a definite advantage of those lucky enough to retire in Nicaragua.

Walkable and Secure Neighborhoods

One of the biggest reasons to live in a retirement home or an assisted living facility is because you can freely walk the grounds and feel secure. However, that same advantage is available for those living in Gran Pacifica in Nicaragua.

The secure environment means that you'll always feel safe when traveling between the onsite amenities and your home. In addition, the walkable size of the community makes it easy to stay active, enjoy the incredible climate and maintain your fitness through daily life, all of which are key for a happy retirement at any age.

Inexpensive Cost of Living

Finally, a distinct plus to retiring in Nicaragua is being able to take advantage of the affordable cost of living that the entire country has to offer. Retirement homes may have some benefits, but they are also often very expensive.

In addition to the cost of physically purchasing a room or a home, you might have to incur outrageous costs for things like meals, housekeeping or utilities. In Nicaragua, the low cost of living means you'll pay less for almost everything. Maintain your quality of living during retirement without paying a penny more by heading to Nicaragua.

Rather than living in a generic retirement home, really enjoy your hard-earned retirement by moving to Nicaragua. A low cost of living, a warm climate and unbeatable amenities make it the ultimate place for retirees to call home.

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