The Train is Leaving the Station: Purchasing Inexpensive Property in Nicaragua

Posted by Ricardo Llovet-Nava on Aug 5, 2016 11:17:26 AM


The good news for those who already own real estate in Nicaragua is that, as every year goes by, Nicaragua’s infrastructure, tourism industry, and functionality improve. However, those who are still on the fence about investing in Nicaraguan real estate may be missing their best chance.
Currently, investing in Nicaraguan real estate has reached a point where it is no longer a land of uncertainty. There are several communities in Nicaragua such as Guacalito, Montelimar, and Gran Pacifica which have a substantial amount of infrastructure, amenities, and homes already constructed. Investing in Nicaraguan real estate can be both safe and lucrative, with a wide array of support that will ease your purchase and possible transition to Nicaraguan life.

When compared to other Latin American countries, Nicaragua’s government is particularly friendly towards foreign retirees and real estate investors. Retirees are greeted by a wave of benefits provided by the Nicaraguan government, ranging anywhere from tax benefits to discounts on materials needed to build a house. Non-retiree foreign investors are also greeted warmly with other tax benefits and loopholes to ease building and investment.

Though many properties have risen in price in the last ten years, most properties are still relatively inexpensive and have an almost guaranteed promise of becoming much more valuable in the years to come. Particularly in comparison with other countries that have safe real estate markets, Nicaragua beats them in prices by ten-to-one. However, coming improvements in Nicaragua will quickly bring the country level with more developed Latin American countries, and the prices will raise quickly.

There will always be quality real estate to buy within Nicaragua, but as Nicaragua modernizes and becomes an even higher functioning country, real estate prices will rise as well. Buying real estate in Nicaragua now is like catching Costa Rica right before it burst onto the world scene over a decade ago. You will have the same amount of safet


y in regards to your personal well being and your property security as you would in Costa Rica, but at a less expensive price.


Ricardo Llovet-Nava

Written by Ricardo Llovet-Nava

Ricardo Llovet-Nava was born in Madrid, Spain but then moved to Pittsburgh, U.S.A. about 9 years ago where he completed his high school degree. Afterwards he pursued a college career at Allegheny College in North-Western Pennsylvania where he is currently a rising senior. His major is International Studies and his minor is French. He has travelled around Europe extensively and was excited to visit another part of the world when he was given the opportunity to work as an Associate Content Editor for ECI Development in Managua this summer.

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