Nicaragua’s Stunning Cloud Forests

Posted by Adam McGeehan on Nov 24, 2015 9:59:21 AM

Nicaragua is a country known for its natural beauty. Whether it’s the picturesque Pacific coast beaches, the rolling hills of the west or the mountainous region of the east, Nicaragua has a landscape for everyone. Nicaragua also features 19 volcanoes and the largest lake in Central America, Lake Nicaragua, also known to locals as Cocibolca.

Nicaragua also has many preserved forests. Nicaragua takes great pride in protecting its environment and the natural beauty of the country. Approximately one quarter of Nicaragua’s land area is under protected status. The cloud forests are an excellent example of this. A cloud forest is a moist, tropical forest that is characterized by persistent low-level cloud cover. Journeying through a cloud forest can be an experience akin to “walking among the clouds”. 

 Nicaraguan rainforest hiking

The Mombacho cloud forest is a part of the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve, so not only will you get to explore a mystical forest, but you will also get to explore the sides and summit of the Mombacho Volcano while you’re here. The reserve is located a mere 10 km from the town of Granada, so getting there will not be difficult. There is an entrance fee for the nature reserve of around $15 per person.

The Mombacho Cloud Forest consists of 3 main trails. There is the Crater Trail, which is the shortest at 1.5km, and is fairly straightforward and easy. The next is the Tigrio Trail, which should take around 2 hours to complete. Guides are available for this trail, though not required, for a fee of $5 for a group of no more than 6. Finally, there is the Puma Trail, which is the most challenging, and should take around 4 hours to complete. A guide is required on this trail, and will cost you $15 for a group of no more than 6. Whichever trail you choose, you will not be disappointed, as they all take you in to see this breathtakingly beautiful Nicaraguan cloud forest.

rain forest Nicaragua 

The cloud forest of Maderas is runs around the volcano of Maderas, which is located on the island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua. Maderas has been described as a more advanced hike, so traversing through this forest will not be for beginners. In addition, while Mombacho offers many nice, scenic views from the side and top of mountain, Maderas has less of this. What you will get with a hike through Maderas, however, are some of the most pleasing views one can find inside of a thick, cloudy forest. You will also get to see much interesting plant and animal life, such as the local monkeys that inhabit the forest.

Nicaragua is home to so many beautiful natural wonders. The cloud forests of Nicaragua are an excellent example of this. Come down to Nicaragua today and take in Nicaragua’s natural beauty by viewing one of the Nicaraguan cloud forests.

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