The Growth of Infrastructure in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Aug 28, 2014 8:40:36 AM

the growth of nicaraguaWhether you are planning a short getaway to Nicaragua in the next few months or you are considering a big real estate investment in the country, infrastructure can play a significant role in your final decision. In a rapidly developing country like Nicaragua, infrastructure is a vital piece of the puzzle that can make a destination appealing for tourists, a smart real estate investment and a secure, comfortable place to live.

Thankfully, there are many big improvements taking place when it comes to the Nicaraguan infrastructure. Discover more about what infrastructure means, how it is growing and what the rise of infrastructure in Nicaragua means for your investments.

What Is Infrastructure?

Before diving into the growth or changes in infrastructure for the country of Nicaragua, it is important to get a better understanding of what the term is actually referring to. In most cases, infrastructure refers to the physical systems in place that make life better for residents. In Nicaragua, infrastructure includes roads, bridges, international airports, a clean supply of drinking water, hygienic sewers, readily available electricity and telecommunications functions like wireless Internet or television.

How Is Infrastructure in the Country Improving?

Thanks to a number of significant investments, the infrastructure in Nicaragua is booming. The government of Nicaragua itself pledged to invest more than $6.5 billion into maintaining and improving the infrastructure, which will be added to the millions in foreign investments.

These billions of dollars will go to expanding and improving the Pan-American highway, arguably the country's most important road, as well as paving new roads to rural villages and towns. Infrastructural improvements will also include giving an additional 2 million residents access to affordable electricity, providing additional flights from the airport to international destinations, improving the six ports in the country and expanding secure Internet access to rural areas.

Why Does Solid Nicaraguan Infrastructure Matter?

On the most basic level, improving Nicaraguan infrastructure simply makes life better for the millions of people that call the country home. In rural areas, this could mean better hygiene, opportunities for education and an overall better life. For frequent travelers, it might mean more comfort when driving, fewer delays at the airport and better Internet access when exploring off the beaten path.

For investors, improvements in infrastructure can mean more tourists traveling to the area, a greater number of people retiring in Nicaragua and opportunities for real estate development throughout the nation. If you are thinking about buying a home, a plot of land or some kind of investment property in Nicaragua, you should be encouraged and excited about the booming infrastructure improvements taking place in the country.

In recent years, Nicaraguan infrastructure has improved substantially, and it will continue to do so thanks to government and international investments. Click here to learn a little more about how the infrastructure is changing and how that can benefit investors.

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