Nicaraguan Healthcare: One Major Component for Retirees

Posted by Jamie Cain on Jul 13, 2019 1:04:45 PM

Nicaragua is at the top of many people’s lists as a desirable country for relocation in their retirement years – regardless if their retirement is just around the corner or several years out. But then, what makes retiring in Nicaragua so compelling? There are many reasons, such as the affordable cost of living, top-notch healthcare system, breathtaking scenery, adventure opportunities, and entertainment.

All these reasons and so much more make the beautiful country of Nicaragua a dream come true for individuals who are ready to move into a more relaxed way of life.

Healthcare In Nicaragua - Photo Courtesy of International LivingHealthcare In Nicaragua - Photo Courtesy of International Living

Before anyone takes the plunge and relocates to a country like Nicaragua, it is necessary to have general knowledge of the country’s healthcare system. 

Healthcare in Nicaragua is not only cutting edge; it is also easy to understand. Potential retirees should know the following when it comes to healthcare and medical treatment facilities in Nicaragua:

Routine Doctors Visits and Treatments Are Affordable

One of the most desirable aspects that makes healthcare in Nicaragua so impressive is the low cost of medical treatments, routine healthcare, checkups, and doctor’s visits.

Services such as Lab Tests are Very Affordable - Courtesy of Today NicaraguaServices such as Lab Tests are Very Affordable - Courtesy of Today Nicaragua

If you compare the continued rising healthcare and prescription medicine costs in the US, where even your co-pay can be hefty, healthcare costs in Nicaragua are not only surprisingly inexpensive, but also quite reasonable.

For example, my two X-Rays at the Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas in Managua cost approximately $40 US, and they let me take the images home with me. Please read my blog, “My Doctor’s Visit in Managua” for my own personal experience with a visit to an orthopedic surgeon in Nicaragua.

Top-of-the.Line Equipment at Vivan Pellas Hospital - Courtesy of NotipellasTop-of-the.Line Equipment at Vivan Pellas Hospital - Courtesy of Notipellas

It is worth mentioning that even with these affordable prices, the quality in healthcare won’t be compromised. You will receive first-rate care and quality from extremely talented physicians. In fact, many of them went to medical school and have trained in both Nicaragua and North America. Only your bank account will notice the difference!

Nicaragua Has a Competitive Edge

Compared to North American and European facilities, Nicaraguan private hospitals are of excellent quality and standards, and they’re in impeccable working order.

Hospital Vivian Pellas is also a JCI-Approved HospitalHospital Vivian Pellas is also a JCI-Approved Hospital

The Vivian Pellas Metropolitano Hospital in Managua, for example, provides excellent healthcare and has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. It’s no wonder why it attracts a large number of people seeking medical care from all over the world.

Medical Professionals Can Speak English

Part of the Outstanding Medical Team at Hospital Vivian PellasPart of the Outstanding Medical Team at Hospital Vivian Pellas

The language barrier in Nicaragua is a big concern for many English-speaking folks who are looking to retire there. Nicaraguans with college degrees, especially those trained in the medical field, are able to speak and understand English quite well in order to better communicate with their patients and consult with clients.

Both retirees and those looking at retiring in the next few years or so should know everything they can about healthcare in Nicaragua.

So, make sure to do your homework and educate yourself as much as you can. Then, come down for a visit to see by yourself the wonderful healthcare system offered in this fantastic country. 

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Jamie Cain

Written by Jamie Cain

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