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Posted by Gran Pacifica on Aug 29, 2013 8:27:50 AM

It's not hard to see the appeal of a visit to Nicaragua. Stunning beaches, warm weather and friendly residents make it a slice of paradise in Central America, but some individuals have concerns about serious investments in the country or the possibility of buying property in Nicaragua. Thankfully, both business and economy in Nicaragua are on an upward growth pattern, and more and more savvy investors are making the decision to put their faith in the market.

Great Business Climate for New Companies

Throughout the Americas, Nicaragua is regarded as a highly versatile destination for new businesses. Lower operating costs, favorable trade conditions, and low rates of corporate and investment taxation mean that it is easier to turn a profit in Nicaragua than in many neighboring countries. For this reason, businesses of all kinds are flocking to the country and making capital investments, and in 2011, more than 5,000 new limited liability businesses alone opened their doors in Nicaragua.

Lower Operating Costs

Thanks to the lower cost of living in general, operating costs for businesses located in Nicaragua can be very affordable. This contributes to the economy, and it also helps new companies turn a profit sooner.

International Trade

Nicaragua is fortunate enough to have a number of natural and agricultural items that have value when sold internationally. Thanks in large part to the signing of the Central American Trade Agreement in 2006, Nicaragua is able to enjoy lower export fees than many other countries, such as Mexico. This allows local businesses to earn greater profits on things like shrimp, lobster, coffee and even gold.

The Link Between Tourism and Real Estate Investment

One of the big reasons that the economy in Nicaragua is continuing to grow and improve has to do with the increase in tourism. Not only can tourism-based businesses thrive with an influx of travelers from across the globe, but those same visitors begin to see Nicaragua as a potential retirement destination, or even just a place where they would like to buy a vacation rental. Tourism makes these real estate investments profitable.

The thriving business and economy in Nicaragua is just one of the reasons that an increasing number of everyday individuals as well as corporate investors are turning to this country for investments. Click here to find out more about real estate in Nicaragua.

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