Spectacular Sunsets Over the Horizon of the Pacific Ocean

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Mar 5, 2013 4:22:47 PM

Nicaragua SunsetFor all of the years that my wife Liz and I have been coming to Gran Pacifica Resort in Nicaragua, since my initial visit in September 2004, there is one ritual that never changes – gathering to watch the spectacular sundowns over the Pacific Ocean horizon. I suspect that those folks who live near the water may take this all for granted, but for landlubbers like us from Pittsburgh, it is all beyond comparison.

We have watched sundowns standing in the grassy, former cow pastures that are now residential neighborhoods. We have watched this seated on towels on the sandy beach, and standing out in the warm surf. And in bringing good friends to share this experience last month, we now have a new spot as our vantage point or “observatory” – brightly painted, wooden chairs at Gran Pacifica which face westward and which we claimed as our own during our stay.

Sundowns in Nicaragua are Breathtaking

Each sunset, we take our seats and sit rather quietly, almost with reverence. We toast the scene with glasses of wine as the scent of Nicaraguan cigars fills the air. The transformation always is dramatic. The sun lords over the brilliant, cloudless blue skies throughout the day, reaching temperatures in the 90s. As the afternoon begins to retire toward sunset, Old Sol begins its slow descent. Guests stop what they are saying or doing, and begin to watch with anticipation. The sun creeps lower, ever so slowly. The sky turned from bright blue to brilliant hues of red, orange and yellow.

As the sun finally reaches the skyline it hovers, and we wonder if it might just possibly tarry awhile longer. But then, with finality and inevitability, it quickly drops below the skyline. The skies stay fiery in color for quite a long while after the sun disappears. Of course, an added bonus is having a bonfire on the private beach once the galaxies of bright stars emerge in the now-black heavens.

Our traveling companions and I estimate that beyond the horizon line, there are probably 10,000 miles of open ocean, and that the nearest major landmass is likely the Philippine Islands, as judging from Google Maps. The experience inspires awe, and never loses its wondrous quality. And we have the time-tested, perfect and incontrovertible assurance that it will be replicated tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that. And again during our next visit, whenever that may be, hopefully much sooner than later, and with more friends along to share the astonishment.

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