Nicaragua: A Modern Paradise, Historically Relevant

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Perched beneath the hills of Honduras and above the beaches of Costa Rica, the country of Nicaragua has a long history dating back before the Conquistadors conquered the lush land. A country that has had a colorful past, Nicaragua has had a period of stability leading to both economic and population growth. Companies like Gran Pacifica have established the Nicaragua vacation rentals industry that is both safe and affordable.

A Historical Perspective

Before the conquest by Spain in the 1500’s, Nicaragua had a few different native inhabitants. Nestled between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific coast, the Niquirano people made their home. The chief of these natives, named Nicarao and known as Nicaragua, helped give the country its name. The Chorotega people lived in the central region of the country and in the country that would become Costa Rica. When the Spaniards descended on the country in the mid 1500’s, they took many of these native women for their wives.


The Spanish ruled the country until 1821, when Mexico threw off the chains of the mother country. Nicaragua was part of the First Mexican Empire for a time, until the empire ended by inner strife. After this empire crumbled, the country was part of the United Provinces of Central America. This collaboration didn’t last long and Nicaragua finally gained true independence in 1838.

The Busy Century

In the1800’s, the country attracted many people from around the world. The amount of resources and freedom of the people lead many to uproot from their homes in places like Spain, Italy, and Germany to come to Nicaragua. These immigrants help establish a culture that is still alive to this day with businesses that flourished. These included the founding of many coffee and sugar-cane plantations as well as starting newspapers, hotels, and other businesses.

What about the Mosquito Coast?

This area of the country wasn't always a part of Nicaragua. Great Britain considered it a protectorate until 1859, before finally transferring it to the nation in 1860. However, the Mosquito Coast was still autonomous and not totally under the control of Nicaragua. President José Santos Zelaya annexed the territory in 1894.

Modern Times

In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, Nicaragua has established itself as one of the most modern and forward thinking of the Central American countries. Violeta Chamorro was elected to the Presidency in 1990. She the first female elected as head of state of any Central American country. Since the time of President Chamorro, the country been stable with production rates up and the Nicaraguan economy is starting to boom.

Vacation Time in a Proud and Beautiful Country

It is a good time to travel to the country and Nicaragua vacation rentals are a great choice for those looking for a place to stay. The land is beautiful, the beaches are clean, and there is much history to see. Resorts such as provide excellent service, both for those wanting to explore and those wanting to experience some of the finer parts of the country.

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