Great Reasons to Choose Vacation Rentals When Traveling to Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jan 15, 2015 3:13:12 AM

Caribbean Ocean View Finding the right accomodations is an integral element in making sure you have the best possible time on your next vacation to Nicaragua. While there are plenty of choices, it is worth going the extra mile to find a place that feels welcoming and luxurious at the same time. Instead of another chain hotel, consider a vacation rental for all of the following reasons.

Affordable Living

Many travelers are surprised to learn that often, vacation rentals can be cheaper than a hotel. This is especially true if you are traveling as a group of more than two people. Instead of needing two, three, four or more hotel rooms, you can all unwind in a single vacation rental with several bedrooms and a common living or kitchen area.

Plus, having a facility where you can prepare meals means that you will save money compared to eating out for three meals each day. The longer your stay, the more you will save overall, especially if a vacation rental can offer weekly or monthly rates.

Local Environment

Instead of seeing Nicaragua like a tourist, opting for a vacation rental can help you get a more local experience. Instead of eating every meal in an international restaurant, you can head to a local farmers' market or a grocer to get fresh ingredients and whip up a simple breakfast using the island specialties.

Since many vacation rental properties are in more authentic neighborhoods of Nicaragua, there is a greater chance that you can get to know the people who call Nicaragua home year-round rather than just other tourists.

Amenities To Make You Feel at Home

Vacations are a great chance to unwind, relax and see a brand new destination, but it is still nice to have a few of the amenities that remind you of home. In a vacation rental, you might have things like a blender, a coffeemaker, a washing machine, a dryer and a dishwasher.

If you plan on cooking, making smoothies or just starting your day with a cup of coffee before you start sightseeing, these smaller items can really help you feel more comfortable. A vacation rental is a fully-equipped home, which means that it is much more than a stark and nearly-empty hotel room.

More Space for the Whole Family

It would be impossible not to mention what is arguably the biggest reason to choose a vacation rental the next time you're in Nicaragua: space. Hotel rooms are often just that: a room. There may be a small hallway as an entry and a separate bathroom, but you'll pay a hefty amount to get any more space. For families, anyone traveling with children or groups, that is simply not enough space.

A vacation rental typically includes living areas, a dining room and more, allowing you to spread out and relax without invading into anyone's private space.

Although hotels and vacation rentals both have pros and cons, a trip to Nicaragua can be more affordable and a lot more comfortable when you opt for a vacation rental. Find out more about the Gran Pacific Beach & Golf Resort before you head south of the border.


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