Discover the Top 3 Reasons to Retire in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jan 8, 2015 1:49:27 PM

Nicaraguan Bay Nicaragua is a land filled with much natural beauty and is a great country to go, kick back, relax and enjoy yourself. For those who want to retire overseas, Nicaragua is a splendid place to do just that. The country is very open to expats and offers plenty of space for you to enjoy a life of ease. Why should you retire here? Read on to discover 3 great reasons to retire in Nicaragua.

1. Great Climate

Being that Nicaragua is in Central America, it enjoys a year round tropical climate with two seasons; rainy and dry, making it a great country to retire in overseas. The climate does vary a little depending on which part of the country you choose to move so you can take your pick based on your preference.

For those who like it really warm, coastal areas such as San Juan del Sure and Puerto Cabezas offer plenty of sun and warmth throughout the year. The capital city of Managua and the nearby historic city of Leon are also pretty warm. If you like the climate a bit cooler, then head to the mountains.

The central region of Nicaragua offers a more mountainous terrain that offers a cooler climate then that of the coast. Cities such as Matagalpa and EstelÍ are much cooler and are great places to retire in Nicaragua.

2. Laidback Lifestyle

Another thing that makes Nicaragua a unique place to retire overseas is the laidback lifestyle that the people enjoy. Here people are not as worried about rushing here and there and getting everywhere on time but rather they enjoy a slower paced life.

Sure, there are busy times and places but the people live a much more relaxed life. Because of this, they tend to spend more time together and also tend to be rather friendly and open to expats moving to the area.

Many Nicaraguans will be very helpful when it comes to helping you learn more about their culture and lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle combined with the lower crime rate that you find in Nicaragua compared to other neighboring countries offers the perfect environment to retire in.

3. Affordable Cost of Living

If there is one thing that draws people from all across the world to retire in Nicaragua it is the affordable cost of living found here. Not only are the prices great but the exchange rate is steadily increasing. While this has caused prices of some items to rise a little, you can still get a lot of things relatively inexpensive.

The low cost of food that you will encounter when you move here also allows you to eat very healthy at a much lower cost. Your biggest expense is more than likely going to be your housing depending on whether you choose to buy or rent a place somewhere in the country.

Even so, land is still relatively available for less and you can purchase your own house at a really great price depending on where you live. Another thing that is noticeably more expensive is electronics, which can cost sometimes double what you can get them for elsewhere. Transportation, clothing, and basic household needs are just a few more things that you can get at a much lower price down here.

Nicaragua is a beautiful country for those looking to retire overseas and hopefully the reasons above have given you a glimpse of what the country has to offer.

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