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Posted by Mike Cobb on Feb 9, 2015 2:22:36 PM

EcoWorld_Clean GreenAs most people agree, the ugliness of litter is one of the last things we want to see, whether we are on vacation or driving home from work. How many times have you seen a beautiful, green strand of trees littered at its base with garbage bags, wrappers, or bottles?

I know it can be an all-too-regular experience in many places. When you visit Nicaragua you will see that is not the case.

Due in large part to an anti-litter initiative started years back, the city and rural streets of Nicaragua are quite free of trash. Garbage pickup is regular and reliable (something many developing countries still struggle with).

When you take into account that we are in one of the happiest and most naturally beautiful countries in the world, it just makes sense that the people would care about garbage.

While the push toward responsible, renewable energy in Nicaragua will be receiving its own blog article on the ECI Development website in the near future (it’s just that exciting), it goes hand in hand with the Nicaraguans’ respect for green space.

From the residents of bustling urban centers like the capital, Managua, to the campesinos who labor in rural agriculture, there is a profound respect and appreciation for the stunning natural beauty of Nicaragua. The Nicaraguan friends I have made spend much of their time outside enjoying the nature of their country. Protecting their environment is protecting a favorite pastime.

These are the little things that make living in Nicaragua so rewarding. They contribute to the sum of reasons that have kept people coming back and eventually staying in this very special Central American nation.

When you make your next trip to Nicaragua, whether it’s your first or just one of many, you will understand how the people’s respect for their green space makes life just a little more enjoyable for everyone.

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