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Posted by Gran Pacifica on Aug 23, 2012 1:14:53 PM

One of the most important aspects of planning a vacation is deciding where you are going to stay. In most cases, tourists simply book an affordable hotel that is located near the main tourist area. Regardless of whether you are booking a trip to Nicaragua or somewhere close to home, however, a hotel is not always the best option.

Nicaragua vacation rentals provide tourists with the opportunity to experience the Nicaraguan culture in a much more hands on way. Instead of staying tethered to a tourist strip in a main city, you can choose to spend your vacation living in an actual home or condo. This is not a shared living environment like a hostel, either. When you select a vacation rental, you will be the only person, couple or family that occupies that unit.

What are the Cost Benefits of a Vacation Rental?

When you first begin researching Nicaragua vacation rentals, you may not have a solid grasp of the best way to compare prices. In many instances, you will discover that hotels have similar pricing, so you might not understand why a vacation rental is your best option. The hidden costs of taking a vacation can really put a strain on your budget, however, and vacation rentals help to minimize this issue.

When you stay in a hotel, you typically have to eat every meal at a restaurant. The cost of this portion of a vacation alone is often astronomical. Once you add in tipping the bellhop, housekeeping and the concierge, you will often find yourself way over budget. A vacation rental allows you to remove most of these expenses. You will have access to a full kitchen, so instead of eating expensive meals at a restaurant, you can stop at a grocery store and stock up on provisions. This does require a bit of forethought, but if you utilize a small, soft sided cooler with a strap for carrying, then you can eat a picnic lunch while you are on the go. Not only will this help you dramatically reduce your expenses, but it will encourage you to eat sensible portions. Staying in a vacation rental will also remove the necessity for tipping the hotel staff, and you can invest the money that you save into having a memorable vacation instead.

What Type of Nicaragua Vacation Rentals are Available?

You can rent condos and homes in many different locations within Nicaragua. Whether you are looking for a temporary beachfront home, a long-term luxury rental or a yoga retreat, you are guaranteed to find the perfect place. Once you get settled into your vacation rental, you will also have the opportunity to experience Nicaraguan life first hand. Instead of being in a hotel filled with tourists, you will most likely have actual Nicaraguan neighbors. The opportunity to fully immerse yourself within the Nicaraguan culture will provide you with longer lasting memories than swimming in the hotel pool with other tourists who are from the same country as you.

Is a Vacation Rental Right for Me?

If you are open to the idea of saving money and experiencing a new culture, then a vacation rental is absolutely the right way to go. For some people it might seem a bit unusual to go on a vacation without staying in a hotel, but once you have stayed in one vacation rental, you will never want to book a hotel again.

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