4 Reasons to Invest in Nicaragua Vacation Rentals

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Sep 9, 2014 4:27:33 PM

vacation rental nicaraguaWhether you are a savvy investor looking for a way to capitalize on affordable real estate, a retiree looking for a tropical place to call home or a family in need of a comfortable vacation spot, Nicaragua vacation rentals may be ideal.

The following are just some of the reasons why you may be interested in purchasing vacation rentals in the Central American paradise of Nicaragua.

1. Real Estate is Affordable

The biggest reason to consider a real estate investment in Nicaragua is simply that the market is incredibly affordable. In the United States or in Europe, beachfront properties can go for millions, but the prices are considerably cheaper in Nicaragua. Whether you just want an affordable dream home on the water or you want to invest now to earn a profit when prices go up, there is no denying that cost is a major influencing factor in the decision to buy vacation rental properties.

2. Huge Potential for Regular Income Generation

Along with being affordable, vacation rentals in Nicaragua also offer the potential for significant income generation. Unless you plan on living in the home or condo throughout the year, you can rent out the space to long-term residents or short-term vacationers. As the tourism industry generates more buzz around the world, an increasing number of visitors are flocking to the beaches, waves and sun in Nicaragua. This drives up the demand for accommodation, and it can be a fantastic way for you to generate income while building equity in the property itself.

3. Ease of Retirement and Full-time Residence

Another popular reason to invest in vacation rentals in Nicaragua is because of the easy residency process offered by the country. Many retirees appreciate just how simple it is to live in Nicaragua full-time. There is an affordable and extensive healthcare system in place, banking is convenient throughout the nation, and there are thriving, vibrant communities full of expatriates as well as retirees. Plus, many retirees appreciate the world-class golf courses, walking trails and amazing weather that helps contribute to a healthy, active lifestyle.

4. Comfort and Convenience for Frequent Visits

Finally, it is important to note that not everyone views a vacation rental as an investment property. Some people, especially families, simply want a place to come on repeat visits to Nicaragua. If the anonymity, small room sizes and expense of hotels in Nicaragua are discouraging, then you might be the perfect candidate for a vacation rental. For much less than you might expect, you can rent or purchase a vacation rental just steps from the beach that lets you fully enjoy all that Nicaragua has to offer during summer vacations, Christmas holidays and even long weekend getaways.

Purchasing a vacation rental in a place like Nicaragua can be a great investment for all kinds of people. Click here to learn more about purchasing property in Nicaragua.

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