Nicaragua Turismo E Inversion Magazine Launches Explore Nicaragua Tourist Directory 2018

Posted by Jamie Cain on Mar 23, 2018 3:06:22 PM
Nicaragua Turismo e Inversionmagazine celebrated their third anniversary at the Hard Rock Café in Managua with the launch of the “Explore Nicaragua Tourist Directory 2018.”

Hard Rock Cafe Managua

A large gathering of tourism entrepreneurs - including hotel and resort owners, restaurateurs, media, and other prominent personalities - attended this event.

The “Explore Nicaragua Tourist Directory 2018” is a collectable edition, and is a wonderful resource for tourists, travelers, and adventure seekers to use. In addition, it is a complete reference guide on the extensive amount of tourist attractions in Nicaragua.

This directory has many uses and it assists travelers in their quest for exploring the many attractions in Nicaragua as well as answering questions they may have. The directory has 120 pages, written in both English and Spanish. It also discloses tourist attractions by department, along with updated contacts, and is specifically designed to make travel and adventures in Nicaragua an incredibly fun and memorable experience for everyone.


Lucy Valenti, General Director of NICARAGUA TURISMO E INVERSION stated, “We are aware of how important it is to promote the different tourist destinations of the county, and that the tourist information is up to date. Therefore, we are contributing to this need with the Explore Nicaragua Tourism Directory 2018 for both Nicaraguans and foreign tourists to use. Now they can have at hand, the various attractions Nicaragua has to enjoy.” (Paraphrased)

Carmen Elizondo, Co-Director of Nicaragua Turismo e Inversión, states that “The tourism sector works to diversify the country's tourist offer and much of this new offer is not known, so the directory will be a very useful tool for all.“

The development of tourism in Nicaragua is going through an interesting time in which there are increasingly more and more Nicaraguans wanting to tour their own country. Also, international tourism is growing at an impressive rate. The “Explore Nicaragua Tourist Directory 2018” will provide valuable information to help travelers and adventure seekers decide on which adventures they want to pursue.

Jamie Cain

Written by Jamie Cain

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