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Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jun 5, 2014 10:25:44 AM

Condos in NicaraguaIt is easy to see the appeal of a condo in Nicaragua. These investments are often just steps from the beach, in warm and welcoming expatriate communities, close to the local culture and far more affordable than comparable properties in North America. Despite these obvious perks, it can sometimes feel like a risk to splurge on an overseas investment.

Answer the following questions to find out if condos in Nicaragua are a smart investment for you, your family and your financial future.

Do You Take a Lot of Vacations?

Perhaps the best reason of all to invest in a condo in Nicaragua is because you plan to spend a lot of time living in it. Since Nicaragua is just a short flight from many destinations in the United States, it is easy to get away for a long weekend or a long summer vacation.

Having a condo is more comfortable, and in the long run potentially even more affordable, than paying for hotels on every vacation.

Are You Planning to Retire Overseas?

One of the leading reasons to invest in a condo in Nicaragua is to use it as a retirement spot. While many retirees dream of living on the beach, taking morning walks along the sand or playing golf year-round in glorious weather, the reality can be expensive if you are limiting yourself to the most popular North American beach resort spots.

An alternative for the savvy retiree is a condo in Nicaragua, which gives you the freedom and flexibility of a dream lifestyle without the unrealistic budget.

Are You Searching for a Valuable Investment?

There are countless international and offshore investments that you can choose from, but real estate in the form of a condo in Nicaragua is definitely an option you'll want to consider. Since property prices are still quite low in Nicaragua today, it is possible to get in early and make a significant return on the investment in the future.

Do You Love Warm Weather?

Whether you are planning to spend your vacations in Nicaragua, retire there in the future or just visit as often as you can, the climate will remain consistently warm and sunny throughout the year. If you love spending time outdoors, swimming in the middle of winter or playing golf in January, then you'll love the incredible weather found in Nicaragua.

Do You Want to Bring in Extra Income?

Many people forget to realize that buying a condo in Nicaragua can also be a great way to bring in extra income. When the condo isn't in use by you or your friends and family, you can rent it to travelers who will appreciate the comfort and convenience of the space.

Investing in condos in a place like Nicaragua can be a smart move for countless reasons. Click here to learn about available condos for sale in Nicaragua.

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