Village Casitas Provide Comfort and Affordability to Retirees

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Casitas in Gran PacificaMuch of the United States experienced unusually cold weather this year. It was so cold in some states that many people took to traveling in order to escape low temperatures. Cold weather can be especially troubling to seniors and maintaining a home can be particularly hard during cold seasons.

Retirees who own private homes are often responsible for shoveling snow, unblocking drains, and repairing roofs damaged by the accumulation of snow and ice. Yet they can escape cold winters like these, and the problems that come with them, by moving abroad. Central America, with its warm, tropical climates boasts many of the most appealing retirement locations in the world.

Nicaragua is an Ideal Destination for Retirees

One of these locations is Nicaragua. Nicaragua is home to beautiful beaches, breathtaking historical architecture and cultural diversity. It boasts many popular surfing venues, thriving wildlife and even volcanic tours.

Nicaragua Offers Expatriates Incentives to Relocate

It is also a particularly good place for expatriates to retire, because it offers them many tax benefits. Expatriates do not, for instance, have to pay any taxes on income they earn abroad. They can also bring up to $20,000 in assets into the country, duty free.

Casitas offer Comfort and Affordability

Retirees looking for a warm, low-maintenance home might find village casitas in Nicaragua particularly appealing. These casitas are comfortable, affordable and easy to maintain.

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Village casitas offer residents a style of living that combines the best of modern living with a cozy, traditional style. Many in Nicaragua offer park settings and ome are conveniently located on golf courses.

Casitas are affordable and require little maintenance. Prices for village casitas in some cities can be as low as $123,000. Even those in prime locations can cost as little as $150,000. Exterior maintenance in many of these casitas is covered by homeowners' fees, which saves retirees from having to face the burdens of painting and lawn care.

Retirees who take advantage of the opportunity to live in a village casita can kiss their days of shoveling goodbye and exchange them for more leisurely days of golf and surfing.

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