The Benefits of Golf Course Homes in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jan 2, 2014 2:55:37 PM

Golf Course Homes in NicaraguaAlthough you can find scenic destinations to live throughout Nicaragua and much of Central America, many investors, retirees and property buyers searching for vacation homes are drawn to golf course communities.

The obvious highlights of these destinations are the golf courses themselves, but there is a lot more than just golf available to residents. Read on to discover more about the numerous perks and advantages of investing in golf course homes in Nicaragua.

Great Fitness and Recreation Facilities

Whether you want to stay in shape for that next round of golf or you prefer group fitness classes as the way to start off your day, many golf communities in Nicaragua boast impressive facilities for guests and residents.

Having access to amenities like a gym, tennis courts and an outdoor swimming pool allows you to stay active and enjoy the incredible scenery and climate that Nicaragua has to offer.

Access to Golf Courses Within Walking Distance

Of course, many potential golf course home owners are most excited about the possibility of frequent golfing right from their front door. With a home just a short walk from an 18-hole golf course, you can have nearly unlimited time for your favorite sport.

Whether you are a complete beginner ready to pick up a new hobby or a competitive player with years of experience, nothing can beat having a world-class golf course close to home. Thanks to the warm climate of Nicaragua, playing golf can be a year-round passion rather than just a summertime activity.

A Community of Like-Minded Neighbors

Some individuals love the idea of an affordable and scenic home near a golf course, but others are wary of moving away from their friends and family.

Thankfully, golf course communities in places like Nicaragua are often full of like-minded investors and retirees from places like the United States. You might be surprised to discover just how much you have in common with your neighbors, and it is easy to forge friendships that rival the ones you might have had back home in years past.

Potential Appeal for Future Resale

Another thing to consider carefully when investing in a new home overseas is its resale value. Because golf is a universally-appealing sport, having a home close to the course may be a big selling point in the future. Even if you don't foresee needing to move from your dream home in Nicaragua, knowing that there is the potential to make a profit is always a benefit when it comes to real estate.

Owning a golf course home in Nicaragua comes with many benefits. Click here to learn more about available properties you may be able to call home.

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