Enjoy the Charm of Village Casitas in Nicaragua

Posted by Mike Cobb on May 30, 2012 1:35:27 PM

Central America is an increasingly popular site for people seeking vacations on retirement properties. Retirement in Nicaragua offers a beautiful environment, warm weather, and modern conveniences at very reasonable prices. Even in the current depressed real estate market, many US properties remain out of reach for those approaching retirement age, and purchasing foreign property through a reputable dealer has become easier and safer, so there is no sacrifice involved in buying a vacation or retirement property in Nicaragua.

Casitas are a Home Away from Home

Of course, Nicaragua offers the traditional golf course and beachside condos, but for those looking for a homier lifestyle more connected to the local culture, there are casitas. As the name implies, these are cottages or small houses, often arranged into "villages" around a central courtyard. Village casitas in Nicaragua built for the foreign investor have unique and charming architectural details, including locally made wood detailing, ceramic tile floors, and traditional tile roofs.

They also feature standard American appliances and amenities, including air conditioning and satellite or fiber-optic TV, and many offer locally handcrafted furnishings. Similar to condo projects, casitas have a clubhouse for residents and guests.

Village casitas in Nicaragua are primarily located along the Pacific coast to take advantage of ocean views and cooling breezes. Some offer lakefront living instead for those who prefer to explore the freshwater lakes and islands. For people who still want access to golf without actually living on the course, many casita projects are conveniently built near golf courses and other recreational amenities.

Investing in Nicaragua is a Wise Choice

Investment and real estate professionals are calling the Nicaraguan property market a good "early-in" opportunity, meaning it's at the beginning of an aggressive growth phase. The government is heavily invested in the tourist economy, and initiatives against poverty and crime have been put in place with high expectations for the future. Prices and property taxes are low, and there are excellent mortgage opportunities for foreign investors.

New building projects have slowed recently, but there are still plenty of new and resale casitas on the market. A vacation or retirement home in Nicaragua is considered a turn-key property and an excellent value; if you've been considering property in Central America, a Nicaraguan casita could give you the most for your money.



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