The Advantages of Condominiums in Nicaragua

Posted by Mike Cobb on Jul 16, 2012 4:14:22 PM

The scenic beauty of Nicaragua has made it a popular destination for renting and buying condominiums. The country boasts of a stunning coastline with clear blue waters. The commerce and trade in the country are also witnessing an upturn. Growing international relations have given rise to strong export businesses, which are attracting a lot of investors. The influx of people in the country is giving a massive boost to the real estate business.

The sale of condominiums in Nicaragua has also increased as a direct result of the increasing number of job prospects in the country. Condos are an affordable option for many. The market for condos in the country is new, but it is generating good business for real estate agents.

Here are some reasons why condos are so popular in Nicaragua.


Most condominiums in Nicaragua come fully furnished. They are at least equipped with all the basic facilities and amenities. Your condo may include a gym, swimming pool or even a spa. As the cost goes up, there may be other facilities available for entertainment and recreation.

Some condos are a part of communities that offer access to places like fitness centers, pubs and golf clubs. This allows you to enjoy being part of a community even if you live alone.


Condos are usually located in prime locations and are still affordable as compared to other housing options. Living in prime locations means quick and easy access to hospitals, malls, restaurants and schools. It is also ideal for working professionals as it cuts down travel time to the workplace.


Condominiums in Nicaragua are usually managed by a company, which takes care of the maintenance and upkeep of the property. Aspects like electricity, plumbing, outdoor cleaning and the common areas in the condo unit are taken care of by the management company. In an independent house, you will have to individually take care of all these things. Condos are convenient. In case there are issues related to maintenance, all you need to do is contact the administrator.


Most condominiums are well protected and secure. Advanced security features provide additional security to these condos. Alarms and electronic surveillance devices are usually fitted to ensure that the residents are safe round the clock. This is ideal for residents who are slightly older and who live by themselves and would prefer extra security.


Condominiums in Nicaragua are usually cheaper than houses. This automatically increases your options. New condos allow you to share the cost of foundation, building and roof. These are ideal for students who are on a budget, but would like to stay off campus. Condos come in a wide variety, so you could choose one that suits your requirements. If you want a luxurious condo, there are ones styled like villas. If not, you could go in for a regular condo apartment that is well furnished and functional. A range of single room condos are available for those living alone.

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