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Posted by Mike Cobb on Sep 6, 2011 5:25:47 PM

Jake Scheideman is someone I met on a plane ride up to the States several years ago. The 2:50 minute flight passed quickly as we shared experiences and visions for what he is doing in the country. He and I have continued to stay in touch and he recently completed a documentary about his latest project, the building of a home for Doña Canda. His initial screening will be October 8th in St Helena, California where Jake owns and runs a cycle shop between fundraising and work trips to Nicaragua. The information and details of the initial screening are below. Well done Jake.

The Movie is Done - Oct 8th, Cameo Cinema!

Its been 7 months since we returned from our best project ever, the "Blitz Build" of Dona Canda's house in Nicaragua. We had a film crew with us the entire time, documenting the history of our work in Nicaragua, and the incredible work of our team to finish this house in 5 days. James Reid, executive producer for Eye on the Bay, is putting the finishing touches to the Documentary for this trip, to be shown on Oct 8th at the Cameo Cinema in St Helena. SAVE THE DATE!

We will be showing this movie two times, once on October 8th for our "Private Family Screening" and again on October 9th for the general public. Consider this email your first invitation to the private October 8th screening of the movie!! We want to take this opportunity to show all our "family" what we have been doing for the past three years, and what an amazing project you have all been supporting. There will be a reception preceeding the movie and a time for sharing after the movie as well. Please mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information and where to buy tickets for the event.

If you can't make the private "family" screening on October 8th, you can come view it on the 9th when the movie will be open for the general public. This project has recieved such generous support from this community and we know you will want to see the progress you've helped us achieve with our numerous projects and student scholarships for the past ten years, but especially with this very Special Home Building project.

I wanted to get you these dates so we can enjoy each other's company on Oct 8th, 12-2pm. We will be sending out more information as it gets closer to the screening date.

Thanks, The group......

For more information on Developing Communites, Inc. or to get involved contact: jake@sthelenacyclery.com


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