Uncover the Top 5 Beaches in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Sep 26, 2013 8:40:11 AM

Nicaragua BeachesOne of the features that draws people to visit Nicaragua is the beaches. When you consider the country's location right between both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, this fact certainly shouldn't come as a surprise. If you are planning an upcoming trip to this area in the future, use this guide to pinpoint the very best beaches in Nicaragua.

1. The Corn Islands

Despite being more than 50 miles away from the actual coast of Nicaragua's mainland, these islands are incredibly popular with travelers who seek seclusion and white, sandy shorelines. Picnic Center Beach, which is on Big Corn Island, is the most popular with families who want to enjoy calm water, sunshine and a safe environment.

2. El Coco

For nature lovers, few beaches can compete with El Coco. This beach is on the Pacific coastline of Nicaragua, and it is just a few minutes from the town of San Juan del Sur. The sand is inviting and the water refreshing, but the real reason to visit El Coco is for a chance to see giant sea turtles come out of the water and onto the beach during the day.

3. Colorado Beach

One of the most popular pastimes in Nicaragua is surfing. While there are dozens of beaches that offer great swells throughout the country, there is no question that Colorado Beach is the most world-renowned. Whether you are an expert surfer in town for a competition such as the World Masters Surfing Championships or you just plan to stay on the sand, the waves and barrels are fascinating to watch and a delight to surf.

4. San Diego Beach

To get the best of all worlds, many visitors to Nicaragua find themselves at San Diego Beach, a stunning stretch of sand that is part of the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort. Since it is not as crowded as many other beaches, it is perfect for swimming, relaxing or learning how to surf.

5. Montelimar Beach

Generally, this is the most crowded of all the beaches in Nicaragua. Since it is just minutes from the city of Managua, residents crowd the white, sandy shoreline in order to swim, surf and spend time with friends surrounded by scenic beauty.

There are so many fabulous beaches in Nicaragua, it can be tough to decide which ones to visit on your vacation. Click here for more on the very best beaches in the country.

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