Sink Your Feet into the Unspoiled Beach at the Gran Pacifica Resort

Posted by mark miner on Nov 28, 2013 8:00:59 AM

Nicaragua beachPerhaps Gran Pacifica Resort’s greatest asset is its three-and-one-half mile stretch of unspoiled, pristine beach. Neither words nor photographs can capture this experience. Even though I am a professional communicator, with 30 years of experience, I am incapable of describing it in any meaningful way. Seeing is the only way of believing. It is extraordinary that this much oceanfront real estate could be available and non-commercialized in the 21st century. Friends just cannot grasp this.

During our visit to Gran Pacifica least January, my wife and two traveling companions and I regularly took long walks, with our footprints as the only marks in the sand, quickly washed away for all time by the surf. The Gran Pacifica Beach was and is a perfect way to start the morning, in the cool of the day before the sun begins to unleash its relentless heat. Underfoot are grains of sand formed of volcano lava over many hundreds if not thousands of years. Some of the sands are truly soft to the touch; others a little more coarse, but all beautiful and perfect. Large volcanic rocks also provide a spot to sit or stand to get a little different perspective. The peace one feels here surpasses virtually any and all understanding.

Another good time to walk the Gran Pacifica beaches is at the end of the afternoon, with not another soul in sight, and once the midday heat has subsided. The large, tangled driftwood is amazing in size and shape, and if ever discovered, sculptural art enthusiasts would be in their glory. Not an airplane or ship breaks the sound of the pounding surf and the wind through the grasses. The day is done, and now it’s time to kick back and just enjoy the moment.

Gran Pacifica has a specially designated swimming beach, away from riptide currents that potentially are dangerous. The swimming beach is perfect for taking a nap, or zoning out, or for watching the spectacular late afternoon sunsets. We also met North American surfers who spent hours on the waves, and saying later that they wanted to be sure to include Gran Pacifica on their tour of some of Central America’s best Pacific surfing spots.

Our traveling companions last January continue to rave about the Gran Pacifica oceanfront. They delight in telling others about the largely undiscovered jewel at our resort, providing pleasure every minute of every day, 365 days a year, in both rainy and dry seasons.

mark miner

Written by mark miner

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