Taking Advantage of New Urbanism in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Apr 16, 2013 3:19:21 PM

Although Nicaragua was once primarily known for its agrarian economy and culture, modern political advances have made huge changes in where people live and what they do. After earthquakes and regime changes prompted restructuring, the citizens came out on top with a more prosperous private sector and an increased focus on new urbanism in Nicaragua.

From the Fields to the Cities

Nicaragua's rich wealth of natural resources once made it a target for foreign intervention. Such practices meant that there were a large number of jobs and people in the countryside, but in modern times, things have changed dramatically. Now, around 84 percent of the population lives in urban zones with around 2 million in the capital alone.

Contributing to the prevalence of urban inhabitants is the fact that many expatriates from the U.S., Europe, Taiwan and Canada have made retirement homes for themselves in San Juan del Sur, Granada and Managua. There are many financial benefits to retiring in the country, which actively seeks foreign investments.

Nicaragua Keeps up with Social Changes

In order to match the migration of its people from one area to another, the Nicaraguan government invested heavily in rebuilding its older infrastructures and providing better urban services. The World Bank rated as it the second best economy for opening a new business in Central America, and cities like Managua have been largely successful at coming up with more funding to improve their local services by reducing their public debt burdens.

These changes make Nicaragua better for tourists and retirees because they allow them to rely on increased economic freedom as compared to other countries in the region. The nation's focus on creating a strong tourist trade also ensures that there are far more accommodating real estate and lodging options in formerly less-accessible areas such as the rainforest-laden Caribbean lowlands.

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