New Urbanism in Nicaragua Has Many Benefits

Posted by Gran Pacifica on May 7, 2013 8:03:14 AM
Urbanism in NicaraguaIn recent years, there has been a steady rise in the number of people talking about the idea of New Urbanism. Unlike traditionally urban cities like New York or Boston, New Urbanism is all about communities that are completely walkable. This kind of living can help residents reduce the rates of depression, increase their social lives and stay healthier. In Nicaragua, communities like the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort are embracing these ideals and creating genuine New Urbanism living environments.

Understanding the Principles of New Urbanism

To better understand what New Urbanism in Nicaragua is like, it helps to be familiar with the key tenets of this living style. The first key is walkability. This means that pedestrians have the priority, and in some areas, cars are discouraged or not allowed at all. The layout of the community is also a priority, and designers try to have workplaces, shops and residences within proximity of one another for easy access. Finally, there is an emphasis on open community areas like parks and clubhouses so that residents can enjoy an active social life with friends and neighbors.

New Urbanism's Impact on Nicaragua

Nicaragua is still one of the most affordable places on Earth to live, and New Urbanism has a significant impact on the infrastructure of the entire country. As homes get built and expatriates move to the area, New Urbanism can continue to expand throughout the nation. Of course, that means investing in property in Nicaragua today can bring in financial benefits in the future. Overall, New Urbanism in Nicaragua may be able to reduce crime and poverty, create stronger social ties in communities and encourage tourism and investment from around the world.

Nicaragua's New Urbanism in Action

Although New Urbanism is just a dream or an idea in a lot of the world, there are communities in Nicaragua today that are already embracing these principles. The Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort, for example, offers shaded sidewalks between homes and clubhouses, and it encourages interaction between families, retirees and even visitors on vacation enjoying the Pacific Coast. With amenities right on the property that include restaurants, fitness and boating, you don't need to worry about driving long distances for things to do.

New Urbanism can change communities, and it is making a big impact on development in Nicaragua. To learn about investing in New Urbanism in Nicaragua, click here to read more.

New Urbanism is a style of living that encourages residents to interact more, enjoy a simpler life and have easy walking access to shops, restaurants and activities. In Nicaragua, some of the best communities are embracing these ideals and creating stunning neighborhoods along the Pacific Coast. With the popularity of communities like the Gran Pacific Beach and Golf Resort among retirees, families and travelers, it should come as no surprise that investment continues to rise in the area. New Urbanism has the potential to change the way that people live, and the benefits are truly astounding.

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