New Urbanism in Nicaragua Gives Residents a Sense of Belonging

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jun 10, 2014 4:37:54 PM

New Urbanism in NicaraguaIn much of the west, suburban living has become very popular. People have, in many cases, moved away from one another. This, coupled with the rise of social media, has led to a degree of isolation.

Gone, for the most part, is the community spirit which cities were once built on. New Urbanism in Nicaragua, however, is reviving community spirit. Now, builders are designing areas that promote a sense of closeness and togetherness. Squares, shops and walkways are all being designed to this end.

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Nicaraguan Communities Built Around Neighborhoods

In Nicaragua, community planners are designing areas which focus on individual neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are designed to include green spaces, social gathering points and a few convenient commercial businesses that are aesthetically pleasing. Click here to read more about the design of communities in Nicaragua.

New Urbanism Brings Many Benefits to Nicaraguan Neighborhoods

By putting businesses within walking distances of homes, or by placing homes above them, and by putting homes closer to one another, builders provide residents with a whole host of benefits. First, it gives residents more opportunities to interact and provides them with a sense of belonging. Second, it reduces carbon emissions by making it so that residents need to travel less.

New Urbanism may also lower the cost of living for some families. If stores are closer together and residents can get to them by walking, residents will not have to spend as much money on fuel. Being able to walk to many different kinds of business may also help residents exercise more and take their cars less.

New Urbanism helps Children

New Urbanism is also good for children. It helps children gain more opportunities to play together. It may also help couples save time so they have more quality time to spend with their kids. Less time in the car may mean more time at home.

New Urbanism is Becoming a Way of Life

New Urbanism in Nicaragua is becoming, not just a trend but a way of life. Click here to see how New Urbanism has become a lifestyle in Nicaragua. It is helping people live greener lifestyles, by fostering communal programs and environmental efforts. Many communities are also embracing nature. Some are situated along the shoreline. Others include community gardens, which foster both interaction and environmentalism.

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