New Urbanism In Nicaragua At a Glance

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jan 21, 2014 1:23:38 PM

New Urbanism NicaraguaNew Urbanism is garnering recognition worldwide. This may lead some people to scoff, writing New Urbanism off as the latest fad, missing the many benefits that the urban design movement offers. Progressive real estate developers and investors the world over have recognized that New Urbanism is here to stay.

In fact, new urbanism in Nicaragua is the force behind some of the most forward-thinking real estate development that’s currently taking place. If you don’t know much about New Urbanism, you may be feeling a bit out of the loop. So here's the story.

A Brief History of New Urbanism

New Urbanism is an urban design movement that originated in the United States in the early 1980s. At its core, the movement is all about open space and walkable neighborhoods that are home to a variety of housing and job types. The pedestrian-oriented nature of New Urbanism inspired many people and ultimately impacted public policy, urban planning and real estate development. New Urbanism’s tenets link it to regionalism, environmentalism and the larger idea of smart growth.

The organizing body is the Congress for the New Urbanism, which was established in 1993. The guiding document of the organization is the "Charter of the New Urbanism." Now, you’re probably wondering why an idea that’s been around as long as New Urbanism is seeing such a resurgence in popularity. The answer is simple.

The Appeal of New Urbanism

Proponents of New Urbanism say that the design philosophy celebrates local history and architecture while offering the balanced development of jobs and housing. An investment in New Urbanism can also achieve other objectives such as reducing traffic congestion, adding to the supply of affordable housing and combating suburban sprawl. By focusing on pedestrians, much of the design includes safer streets.

Other aspects of New Urbanism that appeal to real estate developers, investors and potential residents include:

  • Green building
  • Re-development of brownfield land
  • Nearby transit stops
  • New Urbanism is great for your health
  • Most neighborhoods are organized to be self-governing

New Urbanism Benefits Nicaragua

Because New Urbanism typically focuses on the design and execution of projects with close proximity to historic centers and the retrofit of neglected cities within the colonial urban environment, it is perfect for real estate development projects in Nicaragua.

New Urbanism is safer for pedestrians and drivers, it's cost-effective, kinder to the environment, uses tax dollars more efficiently and is a healthier way to live. Because the philosophy promotes environmental balance, social integration and a sense of community, New Urbanism fits perfectly within Nicaragua.

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